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    6 Nov 2014

    21 Struggles Every Desi Girl With A Brother Understands

    You may be super skinny, but to him you'll always be a 'moti football'.

    1. You are often asked if you can smell something after a deadly and silent fart has especially been released into the wild near you.

    Eros International / Via

    Your whole life is poop jokes and farts, basically.

    2. Who could be responsible for the colossal alien turd in your bathroom?

    Eros International / Via

    Yup. You guessed it.

    3. But feel fortunate if they don't go into detail about their pooping abilities because they're very eager to tell you those stories.

    Red Chillies Entertainment / Via

    "I farted and it, like, echoed and stuff. You should have been there."

    4. No matter which South Asian language you speak, or what size you are, you are the word "fat" in it.

    Red Chillies Entertainment / Via

    There is no escape. You are also 'aalu' (potato), 'football', 'gol gappa' and occasionally 'haathi mera saathi'.

    5. Over their years of terrible fashion choices, you have always been asked "How do I look?"

    United Seven Combines / Via

    "Do I look okay?"



    6. God forbid they get a haircut, because that means you will be asked an average of six questions a day about how it is looking.

    Vinay Pictures / Via

    "Sahhi lag raha hai na?"


    "Yeah because I asked the guy about the length of my sideburns and--"

    "Why do I need this explanation again?"

    7. They are terrible at mimicking you but they never give up.

    Whatever, I don't look OR sound like that when I cry.

    8. They'll take any perfect chance to pull your ponytail, which means they never grow up ever.

    We are no longer in grade school so you can stop now.

    9. "Pissed off? Let me creepily smile the smile of the angels at you."

    Hari Om Entertainment Company / Via

    10. "Working on something that requires full attention? Let me dance the dance of my tribe in your 6 feet radius."

    Vinay Pictures / Via

    11. They always manage to emotionally blackmail you into keeping their secrets.

    Eros International / Via

    "Please don't tell mom and dad that I smoke? And drink? And smoke up sometimes? And am part of a gang?"

    12. Once in a while they will start talking about their problems with you, the session will not end.

    I empathise with you and support you fully but it's 4 a.m.

    13. If you enter their room and they smile at you, you KNOW it's because they want you to make them chai/coffee.

    "But if you can make pakode also then you are THE best."

    14. If they ever have to drop you somewhere, they put forth stupid conditions.

    Red Chillies Entertainment / Via

    15. If you have children, count on their maternal uncle to teach them to say stupid things for LOLs.

    Yash Raj Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

    16. They want to be introduced to every remotely pretty friend you have.

    Dharma Productions / Via

    17. And are sooo annoyingly well-mannered in front of them.

    Vinay Pictures / Via

    Oh wow, maybe you could be that obedient for me, like, once a month.

    18. But that handsome male friend you have? Yeah, they don't like them. No reason for it.

    Yash Raj Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

    19. And if you have more than one brother, then your struggle may be the realest.

    Vinod Chopra Productions

    20. But once a year when Rakhi rolls around, you realise that some fart jokes and a piece of string are a small price to pay for eternal love and protection.

    21. And, at the end of the day, loving them isn't much of a struggle at all.

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