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21 Upsetting Issues Only People With Texture-Changing Hair Will Understand

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is hot hair tools.

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Are you fucking done with having hair that randomly changes texture?

You are not alone.

You are one of many who suffer from Spontaneous Bitchass Hair Transformation Syndrome.

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1. You're used to being told stuff like this.

Sesame Street

It's, uh. It's my hair. It's different now and I didn't style it to be.

2. You can never be sure if your bangs are cut right because you could wake up with different hair the next morning.

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Oh wow, perfect. Look at the way they frame my face, so smoo-- NOPE.

3. Seriously, you could have a thinned out straight fringe after a cut...

Yesss, this is exactly the length I wanted.

4. And channel unintentional Betty Page thick bang realness after a shower.

What the fuck, how did my hair puff up but also shrink in length in, like, one night?!

5. You're never satisfied with hairstylists because they don't know the story of your life.

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They don't know what you go through every day. They'll cut your hair based on what they're seeing -- not the other side of these monster locks. ANXIETY.

6. You often find yourself having literally two different kinds of hair on both sides of your head.

Voluminous and wavy on the right, sleek and straight on the left. Can you follicles fucking settle this shit when you decide to grow hair?

7. And then balancing everything out by curling or straightening the less appealing side.

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8. Oh, and did you know that you will have the most glorious hair day when you have to meet NOBODY?

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9. Let's not even talk about taking photos during major weather changes.

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If hair could PMS, weather changes are when they would do it. AVOIDING PHOTOS.

10. Hairstyles are a bitch to handle because a couple of hours into your day, your hair will have an identity crisis.

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Who are you? What do you want from me? You are not the same hair I weaved into a braid... #UnintentionalBohoChic

11. You've been pushed far enough to have imagined doing this several times.

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I will end you.

12. Going out with styled, voluminous hair.

Fuck yeah, that mousse thing finally worked.

13. Coming across a mirror at the club and crying inside.

Is this magic? How does nothing hold up?

14. Way too much effort goes into your hair to behave for special occasions.

If there is a god, my hair will stay the same throughout this day. *crosses fingers*

15. Anti-frizz serum? LOL good luck.

Option A: Weighs your hair down.

Option B: Frizz stays no matter what.

16. Hairspray? Not going to help, TBH.

*hair stays in place*

*place = worst position possible*

17. You need to wash it a day in advance when you know there's something to do tomorrow.


18. And you put in effort, even though perfection only lasts for, like, 2.1 hours.

Cinderella, you must take all the selfies before the clock strikes 12.

19. But these are the moody locks you will have to live with.


20. You've got to own and rock your wild, straight, curly, frizzy, wavy, moody hair.

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Giving up is not an option. Unless you want to shave it off, that looks fucking rad too.

21. So keep on prayin' for that updo to stay in place.

*sloppy hair flip*