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Here's How You Can Help Improve Lives In India's Remotest Villages

Bonus: Seeing the villagers' priceless reactions when they finally have electricity.

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In the Ayodhya Hills of West Bengal, there are approximately 74-80 villages. It is one of the many regions in India where people have always lived without electricity and developed infrastructure.

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Several pregnant women and patients have died on their way to the nearest hospital because of the dismal state of infrastructure. People dwelling in different villages of Ayodhya hills have to walk or cycle for 2-3 hours to get to the nearest market.

People farm to survive. Clean drinking water, and health and sanitation facilities are not available.

Milaap, a funding platform for social impact that does developmental work for communities in need across India, decided to work for the Santhal tribe of this area. None of them had ever seen lights at home.

"Solar lights not only are a means to improve their livelihood and help them learn new trade, it also symbolizes hope, a path to a better future, lifting them above the darkness," a Milaap representative told BuzzFeed in an email.

"There are no roads, no hospitals, no basic amenities. People are living in the dark in one of the remotest and most inaccessible forests in India.Our goal is to get the video reach a wider, relevant, urban audience willing to support the cause of the tribal community," he told further in the email.


Milaap made a video of these developments and the reactions they garnered from the villagers. Watch it in full here:

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