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    19 Signs You Are A Meme Addict And Mayyy Need Help

    Your friends are worried. Stop tagging them.

    Hi. My name is Imaan and I'm addicted to memes.

    I don’t know when it started but I am in too deep now. They are the first thing I look at waking up, and the last thing I see before going to bed. I can’t stop joining meme groups and tagging people with ~relatable content~.

    It's an addiction that can directly affect your productivity, health, and ability to keep friends.

    Here's how you can self-diagnose your meme addiction. If you have any of these symptoms, try logging out once in your goddamn life.

    1. At least 80% of all the things you post online are memes.

    2. Every time you see one you don't get, you immediately do full research on it.

    3. Your friends recognise your need4memes and tag you constantly.

    4. And when they try to explain certain memes to you, you're just like:

    5. You have basically exhausted the words "same", "me IRL", and "literally me".

    6. And your phone’s storage may be suffering because of how many memes you have saved.

    7. You think of at least one person to tag whenever you see ANY meme.

    8. But not everyone understands the appeal of all the shitposts you love so much.

    9. And the several strange Facebook meme groups you've joined.

    10. You've formed and lost crushes based on the meme content they post.

    11. Even your offline life is filled with inside jokes referencing memes... References which leave others confused.

    12. You have a reaction image for literally every fucking situation on the planet.

    13. The use of Rage Faces in memes actually fills you with rage now.

    14. You're rather possessive about the memes you've made.

    15. Something like this has happened to you at least once.

    16. And more than once, you've frantically looked on the internet for that one meme you once saw and didn't save.

    17. Apart from being LOL-fuel, you think of memes as a very powerful and underrated social message tool.

    18. They are how you deal with mental and emotional stress.

    19. And they're something you appreciate in sickness and in health.