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    12 Badly Lip-Read Politician GIFs That You Need In Your Life

    Let them speak for you.

    1. When someone says some rude shit about your country.

    2. When your friends don't understand the severity of your break-up blues.

    3. But they still try to make you feel better by shit-talking all men.

    4. And then you're just like, ugh.


    5. When you finally get your point across to an idiot.

    6. When your friend says she doesn't think Ranveer Singh is hot.

    7. When your friend keeps going back to her terrible ex.

    NDTV / Via

    8. When that digestive green tea starts working.


    9. When someone asks what you like best about your crush.

    Zee / Via

    10. When someone's being downright rude.

    11. When your BFF asks if you have a boner for Master Of None yet.


    12. And when someone says, "Why are you crying, it's just a movie."

    NDTV / Via

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