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Men Are Wearing Body Henna Because GOD'S GENEROSITY KNOWS NO BOUNDS


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1. Hello, friends. Today I want to take you on a beautiful viewing tour of men wearing henna.

Instagram: @hennalounge

2. Or as they like to call it: #Menna.

Instagram: @ritualbydesign

3. If you have ever felt like god doesn't love you...

Instagram: @hennabyheather

5. Look at this miracle the Lord has bestowed upon you.

Instagram: @ritualbydesign

6. What will it take for you to just believe?

Instagram: @ritualbydesign

7. We received what we didn't know we were missing.

Instagram: @ritualbydesign

10. *singing praises for the Lord loudly*

Instagram: @ritualbydesign

13. Ok sorry I got distracted. So what I was trying to say is...

Instagram: @ritualbydesign

15. The Lord is super generous and loves you.

Instagram: @mehendi_rostov_on_don


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