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There’s An "LOC Pizza" On This Pakistani Cafe's Menu To Promote India-Pakistan Unity

The Indian half is Margherita, and the Pakistani half is beef chapli kebab and mushrooms.

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Karachi-based cafe Sattar Buksh is a desi-fied parody of Starbucks.

An Indian parody account on Twitter ripped on the restaurant for copying Starbucks last week.

Since Pakistan didn't have a Starbucks.. They started something similar called SattarBuksh. This is what happens wh…

To which Sattar Buksh replied with the following sassy tweet, showcasing their newest menu item, the LOC (Line Of Control) pizza.

@Babu_Bhaiyaa @radharaju18 @nayanchandra 100% real boss! Parody ho ke parody nahin penchani? Ao #LOCPizza try karo!

The pizza had already been planned, and the Twitter exchange gave Sattar Buksh a chance to introduce it. It comes just after growing tensions at the Indo-Pak border.

Sattar Buksh

The India half of it is Margherita, and the Pakistani half is beef chapli kebab and mushrooms.

Sattar Buksh

"The India side could have had more veggies or, as some Indians requested, chicken, but for the sake of a visual contrast and simplicity of message we kept it simple," Sattar Buksh marketing team member Khizra Munir told BuzzFeed.

Sattar Buksh

"Since it has just launched, we're still letting people try it and see for ourselves if we want to make it a permanent feature. For now it's a 'trouble with the neighbour' season item," Munir said.

Sattar Buksh

"Sadly it's a season that crops up often so keeping it a permanent feature might not be a bad idea," she added.

If there's one thing Pakistan and India can both agree on, it is...

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