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14 Bullshit Lies You Were Told About Women's Bodies If You Grew Up Desi

Congrats on making it through the BS, you trooper.

1. "You can't eat chutney and achaar during your period, it's dangerous."

2. "You can't wear your hair short if your face is round."

3. "Too much chai will make your skin darker."

4. "Don't wear light and bright colours if your complexion is dark."

5. "Eating imli makes your boobs bigger."

6. "You shouldn't wash your hair or bathe during your period."

7. "If you aren't thin, no one will marry you!"

8. "Don't wear bright lipstick if you're not fair-skinned."

Uh-oh. Broke the law.

9. "Unmarried girls shouldn't wear dark makeup."

10. "Pregnant women should cover their bellies with loose clothing. Tch, doesn't look nice!"

11. "The saree doesn't look that great on shorter girls."

12. "Your eyes will be bigger if you wear kajal since your birth."

13. "Spinsters shouldn't wear nose pins."

14. "Avoid dressing up too much and wearing too much make-up. Boys like simple girls."