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    22 Self-Pampering Products You Should Probably Pick Up From Lookfantastic

    Skincare, makeup, relaxation — they have it all!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bottle of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil that's a huge hit on beauty YouTube. It's light and melts your makeup, so you can wipe it away with a soft cloth or wash it with warm water. It’s perfect if you’re into double cleansing, and it can also be used to cleanse a makeup-free face.

    @dhcskincare / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $18.50. Available in three sizes.

    2. A Korean jelly-cream moisturizer that's 92% snail mucin. Yup, you read right — that's the slimy stuff snails leave on their trail, and turns out, it's GREAT for your skin. It soothes it, heals it, and leaves it so plump, it's fresher than a well-watered plant.

    @cosrx / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $29.50.

    3. A cult fave, the AHA+BHA Peeling Solution. You only need to leave it on for ten minutes max to achieve golden hour-ready skin.

    Lookfantastic / Via

    You should perform a patch test before using it on your face, as it can be strong for sensitive skin. Wash off the mask and follow with a heavy-duty moisturizer, and you’ll wake up to great-feeling skin the next morning! The peel makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, so don't forget to slap on some sunscreen.

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $10.

    4. A delectable honey mask from Farmacy that'll unleash extreme hydration on you. It also has royal jelly and glycerin that'll lock in moisture and bless you with the kind of dewy skin you normally achieve with a highlighter.

    @farmacybeauty / Via

    The mask comes with a little spatula for an easy, mess-free application.

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $63.

    5. A bottle of Caudalie's Beauty Elixir that's a blend of skin-loving tonic and a radiance-enhancing serum blended into one fine mist. It has grape extract that helps reduce the appearance of large pores and dullness.

    Lookfantastic / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $65.

    6. A creamy hair mask specially formulated for dry, dull strands. It has a silky texture that melts into the hair and infuses it with the moisture-locking powers of jojoba oil and mallow, so your locks can stay luscious, without getting greasy.

    @phyto_uk / Via Instagram: @

    Get it from Lookfantastic on sale for $25.90 (originally $34.50).

    7. Some regenerating rose hip oil that your skin will just drink up. It's especially effective on acne-prone skin, since it doesn't clog pores and cause closed comedones. Instead, it soothes inflammation, helping your acne heal up faster!

    @paiskincare / Via, @_pessakh_/@paiskincare / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $58.50.

    8. A serum-y liquid foundation from EX1 that goes on your skin like a dream. It blends seamlessly and leaves your skin with a natural, medium-coverage finish. EX1 specially caters to people with olive undertones (if you have a yellow/olive undertone, you KNOW the foundation-shopping struggle).

    @ex1cosmetics / Via, @ex1cosmetics / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $10.90. Available in 15 shades.

    9. Elizabeth Arden's Advanced Ceramide capsules that you can twist open to use on your skin. The serum inside will help skin produce lipid ceramides naturally, improving its look over time. Plus, it's free of fragrance and preservatives!

    @elizabetharden / Via

    Get 90 capsules from Lookfantastic for $133.

    10. A body oil that's formulated to help calm stretching skin on pregnant bellies, but can also be used to soothe razor burn, moisturize skin after a shower, heal cracked cuticles, and even tame frizzy hair. It has oils of argan, mandarin, and passion flower, making it a rich treat for your skin to soak up.

    @lovebooshop / Via

    Get it on Lookfantastic for $22.40.

    11. A professional-level teeth whitening kit that'll have your pearlies looking like a million bucks in a few uses. The gel formula adheres to your teeth and doesn't run on your gums or soft tissue, and it's free of alcohol, carbamide, and peroxide!

    @erbaviva / Via, @glosciencenyc / Via

    The kit contains a mouthpiece, its storage case, a hands-free GLO control, a dock charger, five vials of treatment (20 total applications), and a shea butter lip treatment.

    Get it on Lookfantastic for $264.50.

    12. A radiating highlighter from Illamasqua that'll give you the warm, diffused glow of beach vacation, without spending on the plane ticket and hotel. This powder has no chunky shimmer and makes skin glow and reflect light softly from within.

    @illamasqua / Via, Lookfantastic / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $60.

    13. A big tub of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie that can be applied as a leave-in conditioner or to style and tame your spirals. Use it while creating protective hairstyles to lock in moisture and maintain shine, or massage it into damp hair to get a salon-worthy finish.

    @sheamoisture / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $22.80.

    14. And if you're experiencing thinning, breakage, or just naturally have fine hair, this thickening shampoo will come to your rescue. It has revitalizing ginger extract that can stimulate your scalp and help you attain the va-va-volume you're looking for.

    @moltonbrown / Via, @moltonbrown / Via

    Get it on Lookfantastic for $40.

    15. A restorative eye serum that'll keep you looking well-rested during these stressful, restless times. It helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and sinks deep into the eye contour area with its rich, but light texture.

    @supermoodbeauty / Via

    Pat it into the area around your eyes every night before bedtime on clean skin for best results.

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $105.

    16. A personal grooming set that'll have your beard looking bomb at home. The pre-shave scrub prepares your skin, and the rich shaving cream + soft brush help lather up your facial mane. Follow with the post-shave balm and nourishing beard oil for a barbershop-worthy experience.

    @hawkinsandbrimble / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $61.20.

    17. A retinol-based skin tonic that'll gently slough off the dead skin from your face or body. Retinol increases the rate of skin cell turnover, so you'll wake up to more spot-free, smoother skin. It also has peptides and antioxidants to make it a total skincare feast.

    @pixibeauty / Via

    Get from Lookfantastic for $17.50.

    18. And if you want a retinol serum gentle enough for your eyes, this Murad eye serum one can help renew exhausted skin and make you look more awake without having to pile on concealer. The before-and-after does all the talking!

    Lookfantastic / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $122.50.

    19. A deep sleep candle that'll send you to snooze land faster than you can say "I really need to get my sleeping pattern in order." It promotes relaxation with a calming blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils and will quickly become part of your nighttime routine to look forward to.

    @thisworks / Via Instagram: @thisworks

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $61.

    20. A detoxifying cleanser from Philosophy that's loaded with the nutrients of agave that target skin exhaustion and balance your complexion. According to the brand, it's a favourite among people with drier, more dehydrated skin.


    Get it from Lookfantastic for $42.

    21. A bottle of Garnier's bestselling oil-infused micellar water that'll help remove makeup (or just the day's dirt and sweat!) from your face to cleanse it as gently as possible. It removes even waterproof makeup so thoroughly, you can even get away with not rinsing your face at all.

    @garniercan / Via

    Get a pack of three bottles from Lookfantastic for $31.50.

    22. And lastly, a delicious-smelling facial mist that has sweet violet and grapefruit extract to hydrate your skin deeply. It's perfect for prepping your face for makeup or to provide a mid-day refresher. And the best part is the moisture actually lasts in your skin, instead of just evaporating.

    @jurlique / Via

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $56.

    You, all pampered: