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    17 Scrumptious Reasons A Punjabi Household Is Heaven On Earth

    Sweet lord have mercy. Spice lord have mercy.

    1. We have kickass breakfast options like chhola bhatura.

    2. And halwa puri worth ALL the cholesterol problems.

    3. There's aloo parathas served with a dollop of butter, fresh yoghurt, or pickle.

    4. Basically you can't beat us when it comes to carby buttery deliciousness, for e.g. this kulcha...

    5. ... Only royally downed with a glass or two of lassi.

    6. Fancy a light snack? LOL no, please eat some dahi vada.

    7. A ~refreshing~ drink? LOL have a cup of thick, rich badami milk, served hot or cold.

    8. But hey, there are healthier barbecued options too, like the foodgasm-causing chicken tikka.

    9. And if it's paired with some malai boti, forget about it.

    10. We casually make complicated desserts like falooda at home.

    11. And rich, colourful, dry fruit-loaded zarda.

    12. Don't get us wrong, we love our veggies too, okay? We put them in gajar ka halwa.

    13. And we also eat our greens. With a lot of paneer.

    14. It's impossible to not have sooji (semolina) halwa a few times every month.

    15. Punjabi fams don't function without yoghurt so there's delicious raitas of 1,000 kinds.

    16. Literally all Punjabi mums EXCEL at making daal makhni.

    17. And the last but definitely not the least, we've perfected the divine food that is butter chicken.

    So you see, there's a reason why the happy Punjabi stereotype exists.

    Because we really have some delicious reasons to be happy AF.

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