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18 Posts That Are Totally Spot-On About Women's Body Hair

"I’m going to nickname my leg hairs 'The Fast and the Furious' because that’s how they grow."

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1. This medical mystery.

Why is it that when you cut your leg shaving it bleeds for 3 years

2. This double standard.

when a guy says ur body hair is gross but is covered head to toe in hair

3. This daily dilemma.

Constantly Torn Between: 1) Shaving is a patriarchal construct shaming women's natural body hair. and 2) Having smooth legs feels awesome.

4. This guy-approved babe.

khaleesikun / Via

5. This time management tactic.

*only shaving your legs when your hair needs a good conditioning*

6. This occasional dilemma.

7. This very real issue.

8. This lack of pressure.

Women *wax *shave *pluck *trim *zap Men *scratch their balls

9. This stupid fear.

When boys say there's no reason for feminism but still get scared when women have hairy legs

10. This unexaggerated reality.

11. This growing concern.

12. This tale of misfortune.

14. This clueless guest.

15. This perfect description.

Shaving your legs? More like yoga in the shower with razor blades

16. This small celebration.

every girl after we've shaved our legs

17. This half-assed attempt.

Does anyone else ever get to this stage, and just ask: what's the point? Anyways, I'm now a Halfsquatch. #HairyGirl

18. And this free suggestion.

Or they should just cast me come winter. #WinterIsComing #HairyGirl

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