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    17 Arvind Kejriwal Reactions For Your Life Situations

    Arvind Kejreactions, AMIRITE?

    1. When you have a shit tonne of seats but you and your squad still chill on the ground.

    Chandan Khanna /AFP / Getty Images

    2. When you walk out of the bathroom after winning a battle against constipation.

    Sajjad Hussain / Getty Images

    3. When you're trying to tell a hottie across the bar that you'd look good with them.

    Chandan Khanna / AFP / Getty Images

    4. When it's karaoke night, or Delhi elections, and everyone can see you're on fire.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    5. When bae gets too chummy with your attractive best friend and you trying not to panic.

    AFP / Getty Images NARINDER NANU
    NARINDER NANU/AFP / Getty Images

    6. When you're white and visiting India.

    Narinder Nani / AFP / Getty Images

    7. When bae wakes you up with breakfast in bed but you're on a hunger strike.

    Prakash / AFP / Getty Images

    8. When you have to flip your friend the bird but your teacher is right in front of you.

    Raveendran / AFP / Getty Images

    9. When you're just trying to be nice to someone sad and they start telling their life story.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    10. When someone you hate tells a joke.

    AFP / Getty Images AFP
    SAM PANTHAKY/AFP / Getty Images

    11. When you get an invitation to your crush's wedding.

    SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP / Getty Images

    12. When your friends troll you.

    TVF / Via Imaan Sheikh

    13. When you have to be nice when you don't feel like it.

    Sajjad Hussain/AFP / Getty Images / Via Imaan Sheikh

    14. When you're having a loud goss sesh with your BFF and you DGAF who's watching.

    Sajjad Hussain AFP / Getty Images SAJJAD HUSSAIN

    15. When you're trying to hint bae that you're ready to get married.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    16. When everyone says you aren't capable of something and tells you to take a backseat.

    AFP / Getty Images RAVEENDRAN

    17. But you go and win 67 seats anyway, and partyyyy.

    AFP / Getty Images RAVEENDRAN

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