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    17 Arvind Kejriwal Reactions For Your Life Situations

    Arvind Kejreactions, AMIRITE?

    1. When you have a shit tonne of seats but you and your squad still chill on the ground.

    2. When you walk out of the bathroom after winning a battle against constipation.

    3. When you're trying to tell a hottie across the bar that you'd look good with them.

    4. When it's karaoke night, or Delhi elections, and everyone can see you're on fire.

    5. When bae gets too chummy with your attractive best friend and you trying not to panic.

    6. When you're white and visiting India.

    7. When bae wakes you up with breakfast in bed but you're on a hunger strike.

    8. When you have to flip your friend the bird but your teacher is right in front of you.

    9. When you're just trying to be nice to someone sad and they start telling their life story.

    10. When someone you hate tells a joke.

    11. When you get an invitation to your crush's wedding.

    12. When your friends troll you.

    13. When you have to be nice when you don't feel like it.

    14. When you're having a loud goss sesh with your BFF and you DGAF who's watching.

    15. When you're trying to hint bae that you're ready to get married.

    16. When everyone says you aren't capable of something and tells you to take a backseat.

    17. But you go and win 67 seats anyway, and partyyyy.