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19 Badly Lip-Read Bollywood GIFs That Capture Every Girl's Struggles

Let a well-dressed actress do the talking for you.

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1. When your friend tells you their boyfriend cheated on them.

http://A.R. Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

2. And you both plan a cold revenge together.

http://A.R. Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

3. When you're in the mood but he isn't.

Via Imaan Sheikh

4. When you're sooo not in the mood.

Aamir Khan Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

5. When your cramps get so bad, you're sure your uterus is trying to kill you.

Eagle Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

6. When you're checking out a boy with your friends, but trying to be discreet.

Rajshri Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

7. When the cute ones (always!) turn out to be not-the-brightest gems of the lot.

Rajshri Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

8. When someone's getting way too friendly with your significant other.

Via Imaan Sheikh

9. When you spend way too much within five days of payday, without realising.

Via Imaan Sheikh

10. When someone's being rude and you try to tell them that nicely because you're nice.

11. But if you are pushed too far, you have to get down and dirty too.

Red Chillies Entertainment / Via Imaan Sheikh

12. When you're just trying to walk down the street and someone catcalls you.

Via Imaan Sheikh

13. When someone tells you to calm down or 'stop PMSing'.

Film Kunj Pvt. Ltd. / Via Imaan Sheikh

14. When your friend can't stop talking about their relationship with you.

Rahul Theatre / Via Imaan Sheikh

15. And you can't deal with their shit.

Integrated Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

16. Like for real, stop.

Integrated Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

17. When auntie ji's ask why you haven't found someone to marry yet.

Via Imaan Sheikh

18. When someone says you're quite funny/strong/cool 'for a girl'.

Via Imaan Sheikh

19. Because they don't realise the magnanimity of your strength and awesomeness.

http://N.P. International / Via Imaan Sheikh