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An Accurate And Honest Summary Of "Baazigar"

The story of a nice guy who kills multiple innocent people to take revenge for the completely natural death of his dad.

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As the film begins, we see a young son slaving off in the streets to feed his sick mother, who has suffered some kind of emotional trauma and lost her memory. A little too attached to his mum, and a bit too dramatic for his age, this kid is bent on taking some sort of revenge.

We fast-forward to years later, when Ajay has grown into a fine, young axe murderer. He lives with his mother who still hasn't recovered from the trauma.

While they sing songs in parks like all normal couples, Seema's sister returns from Shimla, where she spent four years at uni and learned 0 things about equality.

Mr. Chopra always wins a certain annual car race, so this year, Ajay decides to compete with him under the false name of "Vicky Malhotra" because he's a vengeful little shit.

Imaan Sheikh / Eros Labs

He lets Chopra win on purpose "out of respect" so as to impress him. But then again, how fucking credible is a race where they don't even, like, ask for ID from participants? This dude used a childhood friend's name. Surely, things were simple in the '90s but not THIS simple.

Priya tells Seema about her new BF and some SEVERE FORESHADOWING I NEVER NOTICED BEFORE happens.

Imaan Sheikh / Eros Labs

And all they do is talk about the guy. Because this is the year 1456 AD and there's no concept of photography, neither of them have shown each other their boyfriends. Yes, even though Vicky just won second place in a massive race, there were no photos taken of him.

Now that Seema has been officially downgraded to sidechick, Ajay dumps her. FUCKING LITERALLY???

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R.I.P. sweet princess.

Why did he kill her when he could've just stopped texting her back, you ask? 15 years ago, Ajay's dad gave a penniless Madan Chopra a job in his company.

Imaan Sheikh / Eros Labs

Aaaand he betrayed him, leaving Ajay's family homeless. His baby sister died of a fever later. This is why Ajay's out for revenge. Bear in mind that this was the second time Chopra betrayed Ajay's dad, who was obviously a successful businessman BY LUCK as he literally gave a cheater power of attorney to his company.

I have sympathy for kind people but dude crossed over to stupid.

Ajay tricked Seema write a suicide note before killing her, so everyone still thinks this was suicide, except Priya. She wants to investigate further with her cop friend Karan.

Imaan Sheikh / Eros Labs

Karan likes Priya but he's too deep in the friend zone.

He's not the hand of the law, he's the hover-hand of the law.

But of course, Ajay gets to the guy's hostel room in time and kills him after making him sign a suicide note confessing to Seema's murder.

Imaan Sheikh / Eros Labs

There is no security at this hostel, or anywhere in India, as per this film. You can enter a hostel and kill someone, you can push someone off a terrace, you can change your name if you feel like it. Bombay is truly a city of dreams in Baazigar.

One can tell that despite being portrayed as a psychopathic genius, Ajay is a basic bitch, because he only uses fucking CONTACT LENSES to switch between his two identities.

Seema just died but Ajay and Priya are throwing an engagement party because sisters suck anyway. While shopping, they bump into Anjali, a friend of Seema's who had seen Ajay before, but failed to recognise him immediately.

Priya and Ajay go to a club where everyone has questionable dance moves. There, they bump into Ajay's friend, the ACTUAL Vicky Malhotra.

Imaan Sheikh / Eros Labs


Madan Chopra goes on a trip, giving Ajay the power of attorney because IT'S NOT LIKE HE'S AWARE OF HOW MUCH PEOPLE CAN MISUSE IT. Obviously, Ajay takes over the company.

Imaan Sheikh / Eros Labs

And that's how we know it's all bitch-bye from here on out.

But he gets beaten back up with GOOD REASON.

Imaan Sheikh / Eros Labs

This dude killed like three innocent people to get back at a man who didn't kill his family ~directly~. Let not the tears fool you.

Later, Ajay too dies in the arms of his mother, who is still in the process of getting her damn memory back and doesn't quite know WTF just happened.

~Moral Of The Story~

Encourage your troubled loved ones to get therapy.

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