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    13 Teeny-Tiny Beauty Hacks That'll Sort Your Life 100%

    Just little tweaks to make life SO much easier.

    1. "Nude" lipstick too damn light on you? We've all been there.

    sjlovesjewelry / Via

    Use a standard brown lipstick (your mom fo shizzle has one) and dab the lighter shade over it to customise your own, perfect nude lip.

    2. Use the 🙏 desi gift 🙏 of coconut oil as a makeup remover.

    Kaushal Beauty / Via Twitter: @LowkeyMo_

    Most makeup removers contain alcohol, which can be harsh on the skin. Coconut oil is ALWAYS available, and removes the stubbornest of makeup ASAP. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturises it.

    3. Use coconut oil to shave.

    SuperPrincessjo / Via

    Since coconut oil basically descended from heaven, you can also use to shave your legs (because sometimes, beach trips don't wait for your next waxing appointment). It reduces irritation and chances of razor burn.

    4. Apply talcum powder to oily hair if you're in a rush.

    Lightly dabbing your roots with talcum powder will instantly act like a dry shampoo. It absorbs all the oil. However, don't make a habit of it, as it can irritate your scalp and increase oil production in the long run.

    5. Use bobby pins upside down for a better hold.

    Shanaya S / Via

    Bobby pins are discreet, practical, and chic, but they tend to slide off. Wear them flat-side-up. You can also spray your pins with hairspray for an even longer lasting hold.

    6. Use an eyeshadow closest to your hair colour to make your hair look thicker.

    Shanaya S / Via

    Tying your hair into a tight bun, or not changing your hair part often can cause traction thinning. You can use this trick for your hairline, part, or any other areas on your scalp with scarce to no hair (it's just like filling in your brows!).

    7. Mattify your lipstick using powder.

    We Love Customade / Via

    Matte lips are the in-thing, but your favourite shade may be a cream finish. Worry not, just blot it with some translucent powder and you're good to go. This also makes it last longer.

    8. For a true match, test foundation on your neck or jawline, instead of your arm.

    Lauren Zaser / Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed Life

    Buying foundation for medium to deep can become a struggle-made-easy with this simple trick, so you don't have to always mix two colours and dish out extra moneyz.

    9. Change the undertone of your foundation.

    ItsMyRayeRaye / Via

    Most foundations can be too pink-toned, and South Asian skin usually has golden-yellow undertones. So if you've bought the wrong one, just mix some yellow gel/liquid food dye into your foundation till you have the right shade. THIS IS A REVOLUTIONARY TRICK TBH.

    10. Use a red or orange lipstick to colour-correct your skin, and avoid greyness.

    Deepica Mutyala / Via

    If you have hyper pigmented spots/dark under-eye circles that you want to cover, but don't have a legit ~color corrector~ on hand, just blend in a little bit of orange lipstick on them. Then cover the area with concealer. This way your concealer won't look obvious or ashy.

    11. Customise or "map" your face masks.

    Kaushal Beauty / Via

    Because of the climate in India, most women have combination skin, where it gets dry and patchy in some areas and very oily in other. Map different masks at once to combat dryness, blemishes, and oiliness all together.

    12. Use a nude eyeliner to brighten up your eyes.

    sjlovesjewelry / Via

    White eyeliner on the lower waterline can look too stark on duskier skin. A nude/peachy liner will make you look bright-eyed and awake without looking unnatural.

    13. Use craft glue to make peel-off nail polish.

    SuperPrincessjo / Via

    If you don't want to scrub your nails with remover (or have to do ablution to offer namaz), make some non-commitment peel-off nail paint. Just apply a layer of glue to your nails before you put nail polish on. Peel off when you're done taking 1000 photos.