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12 Indians Who Didn't Let Anything Stand Between Them And Their Goals


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1. This artist, who didn't let constructive criticism come between him and his art.

2. This feisty trio, who didn't let a dumb fam gathering stop their feistiness.

3. Ketan, who finally met Obama because he was determined.

4. This woman, who just HAD to be at the Taj Mahal, now or never.

5. This guy, who is in it to win it, not to make friends.

6. This guy, who chilled with a vag despite people claiming it's actually a snowman.

7. This wife, who didn't let the lack of a bro get in her way of celebrating raksha bandhan.

8. And no one could take away 22 engagement rings from this woman, nah-uh.

9. Annoy Verma, who didn't let haters call bullshit on his legit fire stunts.


10. This wolf, who identifies as an Indian no matter what anyone thinks.

11. This guy, who didn't let hand-eye coordination come between him and his chocolate.

12. And Jiban, who never let negativity come between him and his dank love memes.