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21 Things Only People Who Are THIS CLOSE To Quitting Facebook Will Relate To

Stop testing my patience.

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1. When literally 70% of the content on your TL is photos of your friends' babies.

2. When it's 2016 and photos like this still are still being uploaded.

3. When someone is outraging over a satire article because they think it's genuine.

4. When your friends need to check their privilege.

5. When your friend posts a bullshit article.

6. When Facebook rubs your shittiest memories in your face.

With a website like this, who needs enemies OR friends?
Twitter: @sheikhimaan

With a website like this, who needs enemies OR friends?

7. Or reminds you of how lonely you are.

Wow thanks..............

Wow thanks..............

8. When people start tone policing you.

"You could have said that without using the F-word."

"lmao fuck no."

9. When someone posts a meme about how much Monday sucks, but they don't have a job or go to school.

10. When people invite you to events IN A DIFFERENT CONTINENT.

Eros International

What do you want, what are you going to gain from this?

11. When your friends take a joke and drag it too damn far.

12. When the ignorance online is so severe, it affects your relationship.

13. When people you haven't talked to since college send you a "long tiiime :D".

14. And then, just like you suspected, ask you for a favour.


15. When you post about a cause and ignorant comments start pouring in.

"LGBT rights? What about poverty and sanitation in the country???"

16. When people are just WAITING to outrage.

17. When you meet a relative who asks why you haven't accepted their friend request yet.

18. When you keep seeing profile pictures with irrelevantly ~deep~ misquoted quotes as the caption.

Vinod Chopra Films / Via

19. When people you went to school with use words like "libtard" and "sickular".

20. When you get a message asking you to "please like this photo so I can win a competition".