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    This Is What American Superheroes Would Look Like If They Were Indian

    Many a moochh shall wilt in front of Indian Batman's.

    Raj Kamal, a 36-year-old Delhi-based art consultant, told BuzzFeed that he decided to add colours of India and attributes of people he knew to American superheroes.

    The results turned out awesome.

    Wolverine's shoulder hair game is on point.

    Superman's perfectly oiled fringe is bomb.

    Wonder Woman's Mughal empress swagger is unstoppable.

    Sanskaari Brahmin Hulk is making headlines of a different sort.

    Catwoman, however, is not being sanskaari at all.

    Spider-Man? More like Sardar-Man, AMIRITE?

    Flash's Gandhi cap specifies he is no ordinary man.

    Batman's mooch is intimidating enough to shoo off bad guys.

    Robin ;) ;) ;)

    Yoda could be in a Bollywood flick.

    And lastly, two bonus supervillains...

    Darth Vader battles electricity load-shedding.

    The Joker asks the right kind of questions.