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    17 Joys And Struggles People Who Didn't Grow Up Punjabi Will Never Understand

    Congrats on becoming a gourmet achaar sandwich expert.

    1. Having a 4000-kcal breakfast of aloo/chhole bhature almost daily.

    2. Or having achar paratha for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (basically whenever mom didn't really feel like cooking).

    3. (Which has made you an emergency achar sandwich expert as an adult.)

    4. Hearing relatives use swear words which made little to no sense, and still don't.

    Kintop Pictures

    "Husband eater" wat, how is that...

    5. Getting constant hollow threats from your mom.

    Kintop Pictures

    "I'll put your head between your ears"? MOM, THAT IS ALREADY SO, WHAT IS THE THREAT HERE.

    6. Chugging haldi concoctions no matter WHAT sickness ailed you.


    7. Watching your dad discuss politics and casually blame every race for something.

    Lilly Singh

    8. Hearing "Utthaan main?" and pissing in your pants.

    Lilly Singh

    9. Literally having rappers raise you.



    10. Who were prettyyy defensive about constructive criticism.

    Lilly Singh

    11. Knowing SO MANY DUDES who looked like Juggy D in the early 2000s.

    The chinstrappery was rampant.

    12. Having video evidence of your child self breaking it down to bhangra exactly like this at a family wedding.

    Tonnes of layered clothing, and all captured on VHS preferably.

    13. And practising wedding choreo with the cousins religiously as a teenager.

    Mirabai Films

    14. Having family friends come over and ask a six-year-old you RANDOM assessment questions.


    15. And uncles starting the WEIRDEST birthday party games.


    16. Knowing you looked exceptionally cute when an aunty did this.

    Mawaan Rizwan

    Which your aunties thought was always.

    17. And getting enough hugs to last you a lifetime.

    Imaan Sheikh

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