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    A Child And A 55-Year-Old Man Have Been Beheaded As Ritualistic Sacrifice In India

    The headless bodies of Sanatan Bag, 5, and Thepa Kharia, 55, were found one after the other in Jharkhand and Assam. Both were killed by occultists.

    A group of occultists beheaded 55-year-old Thepa Kharia in his home in Jharkhand on Sunday just days after the decapitation of five-year-old Sanatan Bag in Assam last week.

    Strdel / Getty Images

    Pictured above, Sanatan's relatives mourn the death of the five-year-old, who was decapitated on Thursday at a temple in Rangapara town by occultists in what looks like a child sacrifice. The perpetrator, Nanu Mirdha, was lynched by locals, Firstpost reported.

    According to local people, the child was taken by force and sacrificed by Mirdha, who was holding Durga Puja at his residence. Sanatan was beheaded before the idol of Hindu goddess Kali.

    A grieving relative hugs Sanatan's lifeless body.

    Strdel / Getty Images

    Just a few days later, Thepa Kharia, a dweller of Jharkand, was allegedly sacrificed by a group of occultists called the Orkas or Mudkatwa, his family told police.

    Police reported Kharia was home alone when the men came, killed him, and took away his head. He was discovered by the villagers.

    They said the group is known to bury human heads in rice fields in order to be blessed with rain and better harvest, Hindustan Times reported.

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