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    This Video Shows What Really Goes On At Indian Weddings

    Make sure you're not consuming any beverages while watching this because they'll exit painfully out of your nose.

    In their quest to lift the lid off how us desis live, comedy collective All India Bakchod recently invited us all to the "Honest Wedding" of Poonam and Pankaj.

    Or when honestly put...

    It all starts with the rishta meet.

    And the interview that seals the deal.

    The wedding begins!

    Which is loaded with typical shaadi humour.

    And drama that's a bit too real.

    And it's all tied up with an honest bidaai ceremony.

    "It feels good to be putting a video out! It feels good in the same way that letting out a fart you've held in for ages does," Rohan Joshi of AIB told BuzzFeed India in a message.

    "Okay maybe that wasn't the best analogy because we've never worked this hard on our farts. Ever. And we hope people enjoy...our work, not our farts," he further told.

    Watch part one of the hilariously honest wedding here:

    View this video on YouTube

    And part two here:

    View this video on YouTube

    ::applause intensifies::