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    22 Refreshing Upgrades For Every Part Of Your Home

    The best part? Most things on this list are under $50.

    1. A soft-pink medallion planter that has a message about kindness sweet enough to set the tone of your day. The floral design looks like something out of a vintage storybook. Don't limit yourself to plants; you can even use it to store your favourite stationery items or as a makeup brush holder.

    2. A tropical bouquet shower curtain that'll bring summer right into your bathroom. It comes with rustproof metal grommets included, and its machine washable, so you can just toss it in with your laundry when it gets slimy.

    3. A matte-black toothbrush holder that's easy to clean and will look great in pretty much any bathroom, thanks to its sleek design. There are two slots for your toothbrushes and tongue cleaners, and a little dish, too, where your can store your toothpicks and lens container.

    4. And a cute little rocket toothbrush holder for your little one to start their day with a mood liftoff. Even though it looks short, it holds the toothbrush securely and doesn't take too much bathroom counter real estate.

    5. A caged bamboo pendant light to give your space a cozy, boho-chic vibe. Pendant lamps create a very romantic ambience, so don't think twice if you're looking for new lighting options for your living room, gazebo, or living room, or even the attic.

    6. Some quilted chair pads that'll freshen up the look of your dining table, as well as make sure your tush is always comfy. These come with sewn-in fasteners to tie them to your seat, so you're not sliding around. The solid colours will look cute on most chairs.

    7. And pair those with a jazzy new table cloth that'll make post-dinner cleanup so much easier and liven up your dining space. Plus, the design is too fruity to resist!

    8. Some rainbow curtains that'll add more cuteness to the kids' room. The little rainbow pattern has a cute, almost hand-drawn charm that's guaranteed to make the little ones smile.

    9. A beautiful self-watering seedling starter that'll look great pretty much anywhere. It has six plant slots and one water reservoir, and because it's made of water-wicking terracotta, the water will be transferred naturally to keep your new saplings healthy.

    10. A smartphone vase that any plant parent will absolutely love on their nightstand, work desk, or sofa side table. Grow some cute saplings it in or use it to display fresh flowers. It's a nifty 2-in-1 product that'll also help keep your phone in place while you stir a stew in the kitchen or take a nap on the living room couch.

    11. A sunshine-y duvet cover and pillow set that'll make you feel like you're snoozing in a blooming garden. It's an elegant way to make your room fresh 'n' floral, without adding a mishmash of colours.

    12. A set of bamboo coasters that have a cool half-natural, half-painted design. Whether your coffee table is white, brown, black, or glass, these are pretty much guaranteed to complement it and protect it from being stained by liquids and indented by hot containers.

    13. A braided raw jute rug with a gorgeous mandala-inspired design that'll bring your living room to life. It's round, so you don't have to worry about it fitting perfectly in your space of choice — it'll look good anywhere!

    14. A colourful cushion that's punny and sassy at the same time. Whether you want to add a sprinkle of fun to your couch or zhuzh up your own bedroom, this adorable and soft pillow is a perfect pick.

    15. A brass wall hook panel with a renaissance-inspired clover bloom design that you can mount in a room to hang clothes or towels, or on the wall next to your home entrance to keep your keys in place. Reviewers say they love it for hanging their scarves and bags, but advise getting nails/screws to install it, since they don't come with the package.

    16. A charming fringed stool that'll add seating to the room in the most space-conserving of ways. The pom-pom detail is cute as heck, and the stool is incredibly portable and lightweight, without compromising on durability. You really don't need a whole couch, trust me.

    17. A honeycomb-inspired wall-mounted wine holder that'll display your favourite reds and whites in a cool and minimalistic way. It's a creative way to make use of vertical space, so you can fill your bar with other important happy hour essentials.

    18. A witchy art print for anyone obsessed with astrology and the moon. Place it in your workout corner to bring a sense of calm, or in your home office corner, so you can feature it in your next Zoom meeting background.

    19. A fresh-looking art print featuring some members of the alliaceae family, aka your favourite food aromatics. Mount it in the kitchen to add personality to your cook nook. It may even spark inspire you on days you don't feel like whipping up dinner.

    20. A dumpling light you can put in your kitchen, or on your work desk or nightstand. Just pat its doughy little head to turn it off and on! Any dumpling superfan should enjoy the company of this squishy baby.

    21. A faux-wood cutlery set that'll give you a nice break from your all-metal current silverware. There are 16 pieces, so you have enough for a family of four. They're dishwasher safe, too!

    22. And lastly, a zesty outdoor rug that'll make you want to make a big jug of fresh lemonade and spend hours in your balcony or on your patio. The citrus slice pattern is a great way to welcome the summer!

    Enjoy your home sweet home!

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