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15 Delicious Desi Food Recipes Tweaked To Be Healthier

In case you're in a relationship with desi food but not a fan of clogging one artery per meal.

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1. Pav bhaji can become a healthy and delicious meal, without the carb overload.

Follow this video tutorial to tone down the carbs and amp up the protein in your pav bhaji.

2. Daal makhani is too divine to completely let go of.

So here's a video tutorial about reducing its calorie count.

3. Do cutlets make you drool? Baked cutlets are where it's at.

Try these healthy baked corn and vegetable cutlets to get your fill without the extra oiliness.

4. Chana chaat cravings? You're in luck.

You won't even have to make many changes to make this spicy snack even healthier. Just cut back on extra yoghurt and sweet sauces.

5. Love aalu parathas?

Try a healthier alternative - broccoli parathas.

6. Paalak or aalu paalak is love, but fattening.

So make this low-calorie baby corn paalak by Tarla Dalal and enjoy the creaminess of spinach, without the cheese.

7. Puri make a delicious breakfast or evening snack, but they're usually dripping with oil.

Here are some delicious low-calorie baked methi puris.

You can also try baked oat puris for a healthy evening snack or fulfilling breakfast.

8. If you can't live without your dosa and idli, here's something for you too.

Regular masala dosa is as high-calorie as it is innocent-looking. Oats dosa! Check out this easy and yummy recipe for oats dosa and idli.

9. Batata vada is another savoury treat, as fattening as it is delicious.

Potatoes don't cause much damage to your diet regimen if they aren't fried. Try these very cleverly baked potato vadas.

10. Chicken tikka masala is irresistible and it would be killer to have a fitness-friendly version of it.

Wish granted. Try this delectable "skinny" chicken tikka masala.

11. Biryani > true love? OBVIOUSLY.

Switch regular rice with brown rice, and with a few tweaks, you can savour this goodness in the form of low-fat chicken biryani.

12. You can even trick dahi vadas to have a low calorie count.

Just follow this recipe for these creamy, soft, fluffy treats. Once in a while does no harm. Psst... Low fat yoghurt.

13. Sorry for showing you this in case you're on a diet but seekh kebabs are the bomb.

Try this vegee alternative: Moong daal seekh kebabs with spicy green chutney.

14. You can even go the samosa route without cheating on your diet too hard.

Samosas are normally deep-fried, but what if you baked them? Watch this tutorial for delicious whole wheat baked samosas here.

15. Daal is the freakin' bomb but is often served with a heavy tadka, alongside rice or bread.

Here's how you can make it into a hearty soup and fulfil your protein-loaded lunch needs.