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15 Things Everyone With A Nephew/Niece Is Guilty Of Doing

*Breaks the internet with baby photos*​

1. First off, you’re guilty of trying to tell everyone in the world that you've become an uncle/aunt.

2. Also guilty of being a weeeee bit too possessive about your new toy.

3. Overfeeding them for an extended cut of the funny faces they make.

4. Hounding them with 50,000 selfies.

5. Securing memories of them laughing, crying, pooping, basically doing anything.

6. Harassing your siblings to send you photos of their babies every day.

7. Resisting the urge to eat them whole.

8. Dressing them up like your human doll.

9. Calling them chuchu, shona, palu, janu, and other things you never imagined yourself saying.

10. Legit getting very emotional watching them grow.

11. Invading their personal space.

12. Exposing everyone you know to them.

13. Taking pride in being their personal mode of transportation.

14. Unintentionally teaching them that it's always okay to prod and yank at an adult.

15. And fairly or unfairly, ALWAYS defending them.

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