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    Posted on 7 Dec 2015

    19 Times Indians Made It Impossible For You To Not Say "Goals"


    1. When the Bachchans gave you #FamGoals.

    2. When this school gave you #BoobGoals.

    3. When this guy gave you #DisrespectGoals.


    4. When the Supreme Court of India gave you #DGoals.

    5. When this ad gave you #NationalDefenseGoals.

    6. When this hoarding gave you #OralGoals.

    7. When Shah Rukh Khan gave you #PregnancyGoals.

    8. And took a photo of himself while standing in a room full of his own photos to give you #SelfLoveGoals.

    Yash Raj Films

    9. When this TV serial gave you #BirthdayGoals.

    Star Plus

    10. When Ashok and Jayasree gave you #RelationshipGoals.

    11. When Dawood Ibrahim gave you #RestingBitchFaceGoals


    12. When Hariyal the parrot gave you #BadBitchGoals.

    13. When this entire family gave you #SwaggerGoals.

    14. When Baba Sehgal gave you #RapGoals.


    15. When Daler Mehndi gave you severe #DJGoals.

    16. When this Govinda-reborn bird gave you #DanceGoals.

    Facebook: video.php

    17. When these priorities gave you #BiryaniGoals.

    18. When this headline gave you #AwfulPunGoals.

    Times of India

    19. And when these bride and groom gave you #HonestyGoals.

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