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    Lilly "Superwoman" Singh Has Started A Massive Online Movement For Girl Empowerment

    All revenue generated from her #GirlLove video will be donated to the Malala Fund to help educate girls.

    Canadian YouTube sensation Lilly "Superwoman" Singh has started a campaign against girl-on-girl hate.


    Several YouTubers collaborated with Singh to talk about girl-on-girl hate and the damage it does.


    Singh has made a web-wide call for women to compliment other women they admire, under the hashtag #GirlLove.


    Positive tweets and posts from women to women are flooding the internet.

    #GirlLove my mom because she was brave to do a Cesarean just to gave birth to me and my other older sister and younger brother💖

    #GirlLove I'd like to compliment @ddlovato she's such an inspirational woman who taught me that it's okay to be imperfect

    So with this #GirlLove trend I wanna compliment @AnnaSaccone 💙she's an amazing mother she's so beautiful and she inspires me so much 😊

    And even other celebrities are participating in the #GirlLove challenge.

    I love this #GirlLove video! And I love you @shaymitch 😘👭 All these babes are so #ThatGirl cc @iamthatgirl

    Thank u darling.. Look who is talking!! #GirlLove right back

    I've always been in love with @ingridnilsen's bravery and confidence 😍❤️ #GirlLove

    @Sarah97Ellul You're so dope. #GirlLove

    I respect women who lift each other up. Not push each other down. #GirlLove

    84% of Lilly Singh's 7.4 million YouTube subscribers are women.

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    Watch and share the video here. All proceeds go to Malala Yousafzai's fund for educating girls.

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