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    27 Genius Cleaning Products That’ll Make Any Neat Freak Weep Tears Of Joy

    And they're so damn satisfying to use.

    1. Some lemon-scented cleaning putty that’ll get all the dust settled inside your car vents and the crumbs trapped in your keyboard. Once you’re done, just store it back in its container — you don’t even need to wash it.

    2. An extendable tile and tub scrubber that'll help you thoroughly clean your bathtub without giving you the sore back that small, handheld brushes give you. This one has an antimicrobial head, and is specially designed to reach all the gunky corners!

    3. A mushroom-shaped strainer that'll catch all the hair in your bathtub for easy removal, so you never have experience the gross feeling of showering in a pooling tub again. Plus, it could save you a big plumbing bill down the line.

    4. An angry little doll that'll steam up your microwave, softening all the bits of food stuck inside it and making them a breeze to clean.

    5. Some bamboo charcoal air-purifying bags that absorb all the bad, mildewy, smokey, sweaty odours and excess moisture from your life. Throw it in the closet, put it in your car, scoot it into your fridge — the possibilities for freshness are endless.

    6. A non-slip foot scrubbing brush that suctions right to the floor of your tub, so you can thoroughly clean and exfoliate your feet every time you shower! AND without risking losing balance as you stand on one leg with a pumice stone in your hand, scrubbing your heel.

    7. A natural enzyme-based stain remover that gets rid of pretty much EVERY kind of stain so you don't have to worry about your clothes, carpet, upholstery, or mattress staining.

    8. This dish squeegee that'll ensure you never touch any gooey, wet bits while clearing leftovers from your plate. It's an ergonomic spatula for your dishes or sink, essentially. Also, your dish sponges will last longer because they won't have icky bits stuck to them!

    9. A magical instant stain removing pen that'll take care of all the food and drink spills you get on your clothes. Let's face it: you're probably going to use this daily.

    10. A pair of bristled silicone gloves that are pure perfection when it comes to being a multipurpose tool. Whether it's dishwashing, car-cleaning, or removing pet hair from your sofa, these work wonders!

    11. This cleaning tool that operates like tongs and has a replaceable duster attached at the end to clean your vents and blinds quickly and super easily. It's extremely satisfying to use, and the reviewers say it's made the job a lot easier for them!

    12. A cutlery washing brush that'll make getting the grime off your spoons, forks, and knives not only easily, but with an added layer of safety from being nicked. The bristles are sturdy, and the curved design will keep your fingers protected.

    13. A shaving apron that sticks to your mirror or tiles, and prevents your bathroom sink from become a gross, hairy mess every time you groom your facial hair. If you gift it to your significant other or roommate, you’re really giving a gift to yourself.

    14. A thin (but stiff) angular grout brush that'll scrub the gunk right out of the seams of your bathroom tiles. Regular scrub brushes are great, but they provide nowhere near the precision this does.

    15. A pair of microfibre slippers that'll sweep the floor for you, and all you have to do is walk around the house. Just walk around! Can you IMAGINE?

    16. A reusable pet hair remover brush that'll have your clothes looking clean, even if your pet decided to jump on you for cuddles just before you were leaving for work. The best part? You'll never have to buy refills for it!

    17. A handy dandy dish-scrubbing sponge tool you can fill with dishwashing liquid and dispense it at the press of a button directly on whatever you're washing. No more picking up the bottle in the middle of holding a dish, and wringing a sponge sloshing in soap.

    18. A life-changing extra-large cat litter bin that locks in odour, makes your litter last longer, and makes poop scoopin’ a BREEZE. It can store up to 21 days of poop (for a single cat)!

    19. A bunch of microfibre cleaning cloths, so you can clean your glasses sparkling clear anywhere. Let's be honest and admit that the bottom of your T-shirt never gets the job done.

    20. A tub of OxiClean powder, which is honestly the best enzyme cleaner I've ever used. It removes the toughest stains and leaves things smelling fresh even though it has no added perfume.

    21. A makeup brush cleaning device, because every makeup lover is guilty of putting off brush cleaning. It’s so damn time-consuming! This little electronic device will spin-wash AND dry your tools in a fraction of the time. It fits brushes of any diameter, too!

    22. A cordless water flosser that'll floss your teeth using only the power of water — like the dentist does, but without the dread of being in a dentist's chair! It uses oxygen bubbles to reduce the growth of oral anaerobic bacteria. You'll fall in love with the feeling of deep-cleaned gums.

    23. A pack of tablets that'll clean the slime and grime out of any container in minutes. Just fill the container with water, drop the tablet in, let it fizz, and then throw out the water. No scrubbing required!

    24. Some indexed plastic cutting boards that'll make cutting up different kinds of food at the same time so damn easy. If you find yourself washing your cutting board several times while cooking to avoid cross contamination between raw meat and veggies, these labelled boards are just *chef's kiss*. They stack together in their case, so don't worry about clutter!

    25. A top-rated stain and odour eliminator for every time you've stirred up a vinegar and baking soda concoction because your pet peed on your carpet.

    26. A wall-mounted broom organizer for your storage room, so you aren't always carefully maneuvering a mess of fallen over brooms, wipers, or mops. Everything is in one place.

    27. And lastly, an under-the-counter pull-out bin set that will make sorting out trash easier and more fun for everyone, so that ONE responsible person in the house doesn't have to sort through everyone's garbage anymore.

    You with everything in your life looking squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

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