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18 Reasons Guys Need To Wear Kurta-Pajama More Often

Get a bottle of water. This post might leave you thirsty.

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1. You get glorious solid colour options other than the traditional black and white.

2. Even some really quirky prints.

3. And super regal-looking textures, so it's the most versatile outfit you can get.

4. You can just wear shades with it and viola! Dressed up.

5. If paired with a Nehru jacket, you're ready to go to a wedding event.

6. It's comfy AF so you can sleep in it and look fly.

7. It's a bit of a symbolic "South Asian revolutionary" outfit.


8. If it hasn't become clear yet, uh, HELLO. It brings the best out of your turban aesthetic.

10. It's place-of-worship appropriate.

11. It's chilling-in-my-ancestors'-village appropriate.

12. Great for daytime and nighttime alike.

13. You can add a statement-worthy modern or traditional twist with loafers or chappals.

14. Or wear a coat on it for that loaded politician swagger.

15. It makes anyone look smashing, no matter what age they are.

16. It's flattering on all shapes and sizes.

17. It always makes you look neat and washed up.

18. And because, well, you emit magical, Insta-worthy swag while donning it.