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Here's The Evolution Of Five Decades Of Bollywood's Makeup Looks In Under Three Minutes


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And she has made a glooorious video on the evolution of Bollywood makeup:

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"The video took days of research, and tens of hours of filming and editing," Easmin-Kabir told BuzzFeed. Here are her looks:

The '50s:

Skin: Smooth, glowing.

Eyes: Accentuated lashes. Lightly lined, rounded brows.

Cheeks: No blush.

Lips: Muted, bare-looking.

Hair: Wispy, loosely braided.

This look is inspired by simplicity and innocence of black-and-white era Madhubala.


The '70s:

Skin: Radiant.

Eyes: Golden lids, smudged liner, thinner brows.

Cheeks: Orangey bronze blush.

Lips: Bright and glossy.

Hair: Straight, blowdried, parted down the centre.

This look is inspire by the queen of '70s Bollywood, Zeenat Aman.

The '80s:

Skin: Very illuminated.

Eyes: Untamed brows, bright eyeshadow, smudged eyeliner.

Cheeks: Heavy pink blush.

Lips: Metallic and bright pink.

Hair: Voluminous, wild, sprayed, and asymmetrical.

This look is inspired by Rekha, and Madhuri Dixit's iconic look in the song "Ek Do Teen" from the 1988 film Tezaab.

The '90s:

Skin: Mattified.

Eyes: Full brows, matte warm eyeshadow, thick eyeliner

Cheeks: Bronzed.

Lips: Medium to dark brown.

Hair: Full, wavy, sexy.

This makeup look is inspired by Rani Mukherjee, and the hair is inspired by Karisma Kapoor.


The '10s:

Skin: Blemish-free.

Eyes: Heavy smoky eyes, arched brows.

Cheeks: Contoured.

Lips: Nude and defined.

Hair: Voluminous, blowdried and flowy.

This look was inspired by Munni, Sheila, and all the item girls that have ruled the current decade so far.