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    17 Memes That Really Hit Home For Makeup Lovers

    I'll just do a sleek, thin line of eyeliner today AAAAAAND I'm Amy Winehouse.

    1. This responsibility.

    2. This contouring obsession.

    3. This personal attack.

    4. This uneven brow bullshit.

    5. This monumental lie.

    6. This surprise smokey eye.

    7. This betrayal.

    8. This champagne pop pony.

    9. This perfect answer.

    10. This A+ lesson.

    11. This legit real feeling.

    12. This glow craze.

    13. This familiar face.

    14. This embarrassing situation.

    15. This makeup lingo.

    16. These good feels.

    17. And this inescapably bold aesthetic.