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12 Easy DIYs That Will Make You Fair And Lovely

Noticeable difference in under three weeks!

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Let's start our super fun DIY journey to becoming fair and lovely!

1. Respect people's privacy.

Don't just swipe right when someone shows you a photo on their phone. Rude and unlovely AF.

2. Say "sorry" when you do something wrong.

If you step on the back off someone's shoe in a queue, say "Oops, I'm sorry! Are you okay?" instead of singing "Mooove, bitch, get out the way." It's only fair.

3. Thank those who serve you and help you.

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Grateful people are so lovely.

4. Don't interrupt people while they're talking.

It is best to wait for your turn or raise your hand if you want to say something while someone's already talking. Covering your ears and screaming "LALALALALALA" at them is also considered rude, so be careful.

5. Sharing is caring.

If you're opening up a big tub of ice cream while your family/friends are with you, you can choose to share and be a lovely human being instead of being an inconsiderate wild hog and eating it all yourself.

6. Treat children with kindness.

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Kids can be assholes but it's not at all fair to combat someone who is shorter than your leg and cannot even communicate properly yet.

7. Respect your teachers.

Don't raise your voice at a teacher you dislike. Be fair to them and respectfully write a furious written complaint and hand it to the administration.

8. Avoid name-calling.

HEY, idiot, that's fucking mean. You wanna be lovely, not rude, ya stupid ass.

9. Say "please" when you request things.

If you want to hold someone's pet, ask them. Be like "Hey, can I please hold your cat?" instead of walking away with said cat without permission like a shitty person.

10. Don't take joy in other people's losses.

Avoid stuff like being happy about people getting fired, laughing at someone's expense, and taking confetti to funerals. That's kinda assholic and not lovely.

11. Say positive things.

It is unfair to fill the world of those around you with negativity. No one likes bad vibes.

12. Don't be violent.

That's right, that's what moms taught us all. Don't hit people, and if you do then especially avoid going for he kill. That's not only unfair but straight up fucking rude, don't do it.

Congratulations! You're now noticeably fair and lovely!


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