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    This Classical Kannada-Coldplay Mashup Will Give You The Feels For Earth Day

    The music and the gorgeous visuals of Mother Earth will make you want to do your bit.

    For Earth Day tomorrow, Bangalore-based band Studio NH47 put up their mashup of the Carnatic song "Krishna Nee" and Coldplay's "Fix You" on the YouTube channel.

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    "The video depicts Mother Earth reaching out to her children to save her from destruction. In turn, the children make a promise to Mother Earth to protect her," reads the video description.

    The song is called "Earth Is Calling" and it has some of the most beautiful visuals of our planet.

    Studio NH47 / Via

    How can you not want to save this?

    This paired with the classical-fusion musical talents of the group = a recipe for perfection.

    StudioNH47 / Via

    Follow Studio NH47 on Facebook here.

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