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Posted on 6 Oct 2015

Being A Desi Girl In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

There is a loooot of DGAFing to come.

1. Being around teenagers:

Early twenties: Annoyance.

SLB Films

Late twenties: Utter fear.

2. Getting ready for a party:


UTV Motion Pictures

Late twenties: DGAF, I'll be fine.

3. Looking at the sorry state of your bank account:

Early twenties: #YOLO.

Yash Raj Films / Via

Late twenties: Investing in alcohol in panic mode.

4. Telling your mom dirty jokes:

Early twenties: Mild, but evoking disapproval.

Dharma Productions

Late twenties: LOLFEST.

ShowMaker Pictures

5. Getting unsolicited advice from your relatives about your weight:

Early twenties: Secret worry.

Late twenties: Visible disgust.

6. Having an opinion about your friends' boyfriends:

Early twenties: Instant secret judgment.

Dharma Productions / Via

Late twenties: Rationally thought-out acceptance.

Dharma Productions / Via

7. Indulging in your hobbies:

Early twenties: Making time.

Dharma Productions / Via

Late twenties: Zero time.

8. Parents' questions about your private life:

Early twenties: 30-point questionnaire.

IISuperwomanII / Via

Late twenties: Acceptance.

IISuperwomanII / Via

9. Reacting to aunties talking about your shaadi:

Early twenties: Polite indifference.

Late twenties: GTFO.

10. When a cute guy shows interest in your friend:

Early twenties: Cheekiness.

Yash Raj Productions

Late twenties: Suspicion.

Yash Raj Films / Via

11. Being called an aunty:

Early twenties: Disbelief.

Late twenties: LOL this is life now.

12. Excitement for going to weddings:

Early twenties: INSANE.


13. Hair removal:

Early twenties: Fucking sucks but I'll do it.

Late twenties: Nothing has changed.

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