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This Video Perfectly Captures The Struggles Indian Women Face When Finding A Public Toilet

Dirty toilets, no bins, toilets with only male attendants. The struggle is real.

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For World Toilet Day, experimental organisation Hyderabad Urban Lab has made a video for their web campaign called Don't Hold It In.

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The campaign is aimed at creating safe, affordable, and clean public toilets for women in India, and they've also made a petition to the CM of Telangana to do the same in Hyderabad.

The video follows a woman struggling to find a safe public bathroom in the city on an average day.

Hyderabad Urban Lab

"We want a city where women do not have to hold their bladders. Don't Hold It In is a campaign to talk about women's sanitation woes, to make your voices be heard," Hyderabad Urban Lab told BuzzFeed.

You can sign the petition here to help make Hyderabad a city with safe and clean toilets for women.

Watch the video here. It might hit too close to home if you're a woman in India.

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