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    31 Reasons Anyone With A Sweet Tooth NEEDS To Permanently Move To Dubai

    Getting a sugar rush just looking at these desserts.


    1. Watch fresh candy get made, while more candy floats by on a conveyor belt, at the sugar heaven that is Candilicious World.

    2. Explore Nutella junkie heaven at Ice Lab.

    3. If you're not about chocolate-based stuff, just go eat RED VELVET PANCAKES at Cocoa Room.

    4. And if you're a fan of shakes and red velvet cake, why not try a combo of both at Shakespeare and Co.?

    5. Ferrero Rocher fanatics, make Zuccero your stop for Ferrero cupcakes.

    6. Enjoy stringy, cheesy, rich and warm knafeh at Olea.

    7. Get your hands on a towering monster shake at Fume Dubai.

    8. If you feel like dessert-for-breakfast, head over to Barsalata for their unique and healthy Mocha Latte Quinoa.

    9. And if you want to take a look at the most expensive cupcakes in the world, visit Bloomsbury at The Dubai Mall.

    10. Mix up drinks and dessert with "dessert cocktails" at Reform Social & Grill.

    11. Try this delectable salted caramel ice cream sandwich at The Black Lion.

    12. Or yummy vegan donuts at Il Donaccino, if you're about that life.

    13. This raw vegan parfait at Coco Yogo is as delicious as it looks.

    14. Live your Oreo fantasies at Circle Cafe.

    15. Try this heavenly donut-croissant baby, aka "doughssant" at The Dessert Club.

    16. Treat yourself to this foamy smooth "Daulat Ki Chaat" from Trésind. It's sprinkled with 24-karat gold.

    17. Keep it simple with some good, good gelato at La Fragola Gelateria.

    18. Gorge on several varieties of soft, chewy brownie at The Brownie Box.

    19. Fall in love with deluxe chocolate and macarons at Sprüngli Boutique & Café.

    20. Get your subcontinental kulfi fill with all kinds of the frozen dessert at Kulfilicious.

    21. Try the matcha-pista panna cotta at Stomping Grounds.

    22. Go to Pappa Roti 'cuz your anaconda will want some because they got buns, hon.

    23. Let this Lebanese ice cream at Booza give you a brain freeze.

    24. Or give Japanese mochi ice cream a chance to do so, at Kanpai.

    25. Feed your obsession of all things banana-based at Wanna Banana.

    26. If you're feeling extravagant AF, try the Black Diamond at Scoopi Cafe.

    27. Or their chocolate coated, pistachio rasgulla.

    28. But if you wanna indulge without denting your wallet, get some chocolate-dipped strawberries at Strawcolate.

    29. Stuff your face with cute little sheep s'mores at SugarMoo.

    30. Enjoy a sugary brunch at Katrina Sweets and Confectionery.

    31. Or get the chewiest, fail-proof, most melt-in-your-mouth cookies at Monkey Cookies.