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Indians Are Tweeting Advice To Their Younger Selves And It's So Damn Heartwarming

So what would you tell your younger self?

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This tweet by Genderlog India got a lot of Indians thinking today

So this morning, I want to ask you - what would you tell your younger self, if you could meet him/her today?

The responses to it were utterly heartwarming, funny, and reflective.


You're not half as good as you think you are and the sooner you quit being an entitled jerk, the better.

Everybody is winging it... even that very cool person who seems to have it together.

Eat healthier, work harder, ask for help more often, learn more languages, don't quit singing and write more often.

Give less of a fuck about what people think of you. Be less afraid of the future. Write shit down.

"Spend more time with the person you love the most in the entire world, they're going to die sooner than you think"


Eat better, ask more questions in college and school, and don't be worried so much about being cool/popular.

@genderlogindia 1.Time is limited. 2.You are never an imposter if you put in the effort 3.Define your priorities 4.Don't worry about others

Do not take everything personally. Have integrity. Cultivate patience. You are your best friend.

Also, when your friend tells you "do not message that dickhead back, ever" , listen to her. @gargneha @genderlogindia

Don't hesitate to challenge preset notions. Ask ques, test boundaries, define your own & yet, be rational & rooted.


Thank you, for fighting back against sexual&mental harassment. If you hadn't, I'd still be oppressed.

@genderlogindia That I am worthy of being loved completely as I am - if someone finds fault with every aspect of me, the fault is not in me.

Never stop learning. You'll become confident in time. Keep writing. And never say no to pizza.

Your body cannot limitlessly endure the shit you put it through; be gentle with yourself.

@genderlogindia so much 'well meaning advice' comes with an agenda. parse it like your life depends on it. (it does.)

You'll never figure things out and that'd be ok

Stay a kid. It's ok. Not to know. Not to win. Not to succeed. Stay happy. Colour. Dream. Play. Sleep.

Tell us what you would want to tell your younger self in the comments.

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