Daughters Of Indian Sex Workers Speak Out About Moving Past Abuse And Achieving Their Dreams

As horrifying as the abuse was, it never could bring down their ability to dream.

1. Social experiment and documentary channel WTF India interviewed four young girls who have been abused for the crime of being a sex worker’s daughter.

WTF India / Via youtube.com

2. The girls shared horrifying memories of their pasts.

WTF India / Via youtube.com

Pinky, 17, wants to be a teacher.

3. And spoke dauntlessly about a world they’ve seen far too closely.

WTF India / Via youtube.com

Tania Yadav, 17, wants to be a dancer.

4. They talked about the mistreatment they have faced for being daughters of sex workers.

WTF India / Via youtube.com

Sheetal Jain, 20, wants to be a drummer.

5. But they were certainly not scared or embarrassed about being who they are.

WTF India / Via youtube.com

Rani Patil, 13, wants to be an actress.

6. They dared to move on and dream like everyone deserves to.

WTF India / Via youtube.com

7. Watch the full video here:

WTF India / Via youtube.com

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Imaan Sheikh is a writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Dubai.
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