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This Woman Finding Out She's Going To Be A Grandma Will Fill You With Joy

WARNING: Her happiness is contagious.

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Philadelphia-based computer scientist, videographer, and uncle-to-be Sunny Singh recorded his brother and sister-in-law telling his parents that they're going to have a baby.

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While both the parents were super happy, granny-to-be was adorably and absolutely ecstatic.

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"I mostly film hardcore punk bands, weddings, and political protests, but I've been filming my mom being her lively self ever since I first picked up a camera," Sunny told BuzzFeed. "I caught wind of my brother and sister-in-law's pregnancy before they told my parents and I knew I had to be ready to document their response. Knowing my mom, I had a feeling she would react like this. Not filming it would be a huge oversight on my part!" he further said.

Here she is finding out that her daughter-in-law is already three months into her pregnancy.

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Already getting the desi grandmother things right!

And here she is spilling over with love for baby supplies.

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Here she is listening to the baby's heartbeat and being a total G (for Grandma).

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And it's safe to say she's going to be the most adorable grandma ever.

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Can't. Stop. Awww-ing.

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