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    22 Things You Should Probably Pick Up If Your Whole Aesthetic Is “Cute With An Attitude”

    Me: 💅 Also me: 😏

    1. A pair of pom-pom socks that come packaged like a little cupcake loaded with sprinkles. They're warm enough to keep your toes toasty through the fall and winter months, and you can just roll them up and put them back in their container for a cute display item, too!

    2. Some multicoloured nail stickers that'll make your mani look 🔥🔥🔥 (seriously, the stickers are flame-shaped). There are 16 sheets in the pack and some of them are holographic, if that's your style. Just stick 'em on and add a glossy top coat. Boom! Expensive-looking manicure at home.

    3. A boxy tee with trendy colour blocking and a lil' flair of animal print. It's lightweight and stretchy, so you can wear it with some shorts for the rest of the warmer days, or rock it under a blazer come chillier months.

    4. A pair of dangling cobra earrings you're almost guaranteed to get compliments on. They're made with an environment-friendly and hypoallergenic gold alloy, meaning your earlobes won't itch or swell from rocking them all day long.

    5. A couple of shaggy pillowcases that'll feel like velvet on your skin and probably end up on your Insta grid a few times. They're antistatic, so if you take a lil' nap on them, you won't wake up with your hair in a tangled, dry mess.

    Two pillowcases on a bed

    6. A pair of black fishnet stockings with rhinestones all over them. The sparkles will take your plainest black dress to the next level, and these would also look amazing with some heavily distressed jeans or shorts.

    A person's legs

    7. A pair of heart-shaped rimless sunglasses that'll add a romantic edge to any outfit and protect your peepers against harmful UVA and UVB rays. They come with a cleaning cloth and a protective pouch, so you can take them anywhere, without accidentally scratching them up in your bag.

    8. A milk carton handbag that's simply too cute for words. It has a long removable strap, so you can sport it over the shoulder, as a crossbody bag, or even as a clutch. It'll fit all your everyday essentials, like your phone, car keys, wallet, makeup, and power bank.

    9. A rainbow eyeshadow palette that's filled with brilliant metallic and super-matte shades, so you can create any colour combo under the sun. Reviewers are highly impressed with how rich and intense the pigmentation is, especially considering the low price.

    10. A uterus and ovaries statement necklace any fashion-lovin' anatomy nerd will want to show off. The ovaries come in the form of pearls and the uterus has a heart-shaped crystal inside. The pendant itself is no larger than 2.8 cm, so you can even wear it casually.

    Two necklaces

    11. A half-sleeved shirt with an understated, cool grid pattern. It has a dipped hem that'll look great with some high-waisted pants or mom jeans. The fabric is a little sheer, but holds up well.

    12. A tube of NYX Butter Gloss in a juicy wet red shade that'll instantly brighten up even the most sleep-deprived face. It goes on silky smooth and doesn't feel sticky on the lips. The formula is so moisturizing, I have seven colours of these myself.

    13. An A-line pinafore dress, if you’ve really been enjoying those calming cottagecore TikToks. The hook-on straps and pleated skirt give it a '50s flair. You can dress it down with a cropped tee or go full-on dainty dream with a collared button-up shirt.

    14. A red bow band to channel your inner joyful Minnie Mouse. Pair it with a plain dress or T-shirt, or use the band on its own to keep your hair out of the way while doing your skincare regimen.

    15. A distressed denim jacket for when the weather's too hot for a heavy coat, and too cold for just a shirt. The fabric is stretchy, so you’ll still be able to button it up when you’re wearing extra layers underneath. Some reviewers say it's become their new favourite jacket, while others absolutely love that it has a ton of functional pockets.

    16. An adjustable hair tie that'll become your new bestie if you love wearing your curls in high puffs, braids, or protective hairstyles. It'll help you tie your hair quicker and keep your bun or ponytail in place, too!

    17. A cute linen bow that'll add life to a plain button-up shirt. It comes pre-tied, so you won't have to fiddle around with it while looking up "bow tie tutorial" on YouTube. Simply adjust it around your neck and you're good to go!

    18. A merman enamel pin you'll want to flaunt on your jacket, hat, or backpack ASAP. It's made of high-quality copper and plated with brass, so it's durable enough to last you for years and years to come.

    19. A pair of stylish Bluetooth earbuds that produce deep bass and resonant sound. They have up to 24 hours of playtime when fully charged, and they’ll sit snugly inside your ears, so you can enjoy any activity, without worrying about them falling out.

    20. A high-waisted A-line skirt that's versatile enough to go with many kinds of tops. You can pair it with colourful cropped tee, a tube top, or a plaid button-up shirt, if you're feeling autumn-y. Reviewers love that the fabric is a bit stretchy and drapes beautifully. But my personal favourite thing? It has POCKETS.

    21. A pair of round sunglasses, if you love all things vintage. Not only will you get to enjoy a stylish rock 'n' roll vibe, but your eyes will also stay protected from the harmful rays of the blazing summer sun.

    22. And lastly, a Korean beauty-inspired cheek tint that'll give your face a natural-looking blush. You can build it up if you like more pigment and create a flushed E-girl look, too! Plus, since it's a cream formula, it'll last longer that powder blushes.

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