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21 Things That People With A Hyper And Emotional BFF Will Understand

Too happy, too sad, too angry – nothing in between. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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1. One kind or another, your BFF is always full of feelz.

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They have a wide range of feels, however, all of them are extremes.

2. And by now, you're used to dealing with these feelz.

SLB Films Ltd. / Via

Wreckmaster 5000.

3. Their anger is ridiculously placed and involves them pacing around like a small rocket.

And most of them time, leaving them be is how this rage span ends sooner.

4. But even slightly beautiful things will poke them in the emotion gland.

"Are you crying?"


"We're watching Power Rangers..."

5. If, heavens forbid, they fall in love, forget about it.

Yash Raj Films / Via

Oh my god I can't even handle your happy anymore.

6. They can go on for hours and hours when they're on one of their emosh kicks.

Michael Jacobs Productions / Via

They can sound like they smoked a fat one during this.

7. They WILL eat your food if they're emotionally unstable.

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It's the worst but if it makes them feel better......

8. And they say unpredictably weird, psychopathic shit casually.

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Ha ha ha ha not scared at all of being alone in a room with you, babe.

9. You've made them well aware that they're almost insane, though.

Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions / Via

Where is my duct tape...

10. In fact, you're actually bothered when they're calm about something wrong.

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This is the calm before the storm... Are you playing tricks on me? Who are you?

11. Seriously, if you're reading this, STOP doing that shit. It worries us.

Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision / Via

Did you just shrug about a big deal? Are you okay? Do you want to talk?

12. They try to, but they're TERRIBLE at hiding their feelings.

Deedle-Dee Productions / Via

Especially from you.

13. Since they run on impulse and obviously don't have a filter, they say the first thing that pops in their mind.

Even if it is genuine, it can make them look like an asshole.

14. And more than often, you have to save their stupid butt.

17th Street Productions / Via

FFS stop talking, you'll get us both in trouble.

15. You either talk on the phone way too much, or once in weeks for hours.

Yash Raj Films

Because fuck moderation.

16. Often, everyone falls victim to their bout of explosive frustration.

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17. But their boiling rage is better than their passive aggressiveness.

Nothing says "I will slowly asphyxiate and kill you" better.

18. Let's not forget, though, that it's easier to make them happy than others.

Dharma Productions

Because they actually value it when your ancient rock of a heart is kind for, like, once.

19. And their verve motivates you and induces happiness in you.

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Contagious little shit. <3

20. Even though they're anything but normal...

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21. You wouldn't trade them for anyone else.

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