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    Posted on 8 Oct 2015

    All India Bakchod's New Song Is 100% Relatable For Girls Who Get Creepy Facebook Messages

    "Hey thr ur lukn gr8888888!! Come to handsum."

    Indian online dating app TrulyMadly collaborated with comedy collective All India Bakchod to make an amazing qawwali battle about creeps.

    TrulyMadly / All India Bakchod / Via

    And it'll be too damn real for any girl with an overflowing "Other" folder on Facebook (so ALL Indian girls).

    BuzzFeed India / Via Imaan Sheikh

    In the song, two teams of women have a showdown about whose stalker is creepier.

    TrulyMadly / All India Bakchod / Via

    And some rib-tickling realities are laid out.

    Watch the ROFLMAO-worthy music video here:

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