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These Photos Show The Badassery Of Bengali-American Girls Raised In A Tradition Clash

Rebellious, fierce, unquiet, and as Bengali as they are American.

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"Growing up Bengali-American, my friends and I were expected to be the best of both worlds; successful in America, but with the social restrictions of Bengali culture," Billah told BuzzFeed.


Billah says that the Bengali-American women she grew up with, defied stereotypes, broke rules, and still came out on top.

Farah A. Billah

"I’ll give you that they’re beautiful, strong, and independent. I’ll even give you that they’re intelligent and driven, but what I love about them the most is these girls are the silliest, most unexpectedly disgusting, most vulgar cats and that’s what I wanted to show you," Billah said about her friends.