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Mumbai Police Is Totally Winning On Twitter With Their Sass And Puns

BRB, filing an F.I.R. for ~STEALING the show~.

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On December 28 last year, Mumbai Police launched two Twitter accounts.


And they're frikkin' slaying the tweet game.


If you roll, we will weed you out. #HoshMeinAao

2. The sass is absolutely incredible.

Your creepy comments on her photo will get you a long date with us. #CyberSafetyWeek


If you do good, good follows. If you do bad, we follow. :) #CyberSafetyWeek


We know traffic leads to stress, but is honking a therapy? #TrafficAwarenessWeek


Good Joke. Read. Laugh. Move On. #CyberSafetyWeek


If you are driving like no one can stop you, your karma will #TrafficMantraIn140 @ta_tweety

7. Their puns are terrible, therefore A+.

Counsel is always better than CELL! The Safety initiative by Mumbai Police.


Hashtag without 'tag' can be really dangerous. #AvoidDrugs

9. Oh god, GIVE IT A-RREST, Mumbai Police.

It is always better to say 'I am fine' rather than 'I am FINED'. #TrafficAwarenessWeek


If you overtake from the left, you can never be right. #FollowTrafficRules


It can be your worst hangover ever. Don't Drink and Drive. It is a criminal offence. #AlertMumbaiSafeMumbai

12. And they will sometimes simply have you wonder, "Mom, is that you?"

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to your debit/credit card. #CyberSafetyWeek


Teen tigada, kaam bigada. Don't go triple seat. #SafetyResolution


Don't let your driving be the reason that drives us crazy. #FollowTrafficRules

Keep doing your thing, Mumbai Police.