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    Just 40 Cool Things You Should Get If You Have An Extra $20 This Week

    You don't have to make a dent in your wallet to upgrade your life!

    1. A couple of Sriracha keychains that are actual, functional sauce bottles! These are refillable, and the cap is leakproof, so you'll never have a messy accident in your bag. Also, it makes for a great conversation starter!

    2. A pack of wordy hair clips that will upgrade any hairstyle in seconds! They've got just the right amount of "nostalgic throwback" and "trendy glam".

    3. Some lemon-scented cleaning putty that’ll get all the dust settled inside your car vents and the crumbs trapped in your keyboard. Once you’re done, just store it back in its container — you don’t even need to wash it.

    4. A deck of Golden Girls playing cards any fan of the show should totally have in their collection. Each Golden Girl represents a suit in the deck of cards, so you can add a little extra sass and personality to your parties or game nights.

    5. An unscented beard oil and comb kit that'll give you the facial mane of your dreams. It conditions the beard AND stimulates thicker hair growth, so your beard will continue to look sharp and luscious.

    6. A Japanese hydrating milk by Hada Labo that's loaded with hyaluronic acid to leave you maximally moisturized without making you greasy. Your skin: 1, Canadian winter: 0.

    7. A stainless steel mould that lets you make dumplings, ravioli, potstickers, pierogies, dumplings, or momos in seconds. You don't have to know the art of sealing dumplings closed to enjoy them!

    8. A soft microfibre towel that'll remove your makeup thoroughly without needing anything but warm water. Now you have no excuse to sleep with your makeup on because you have a one-step cleansing solution.

    9. A bestselling stackable ring set that'll fill your WHOLE LIFE'S quota of rings, and give you stylish, Rihanna-esque edge. There are 66 rings (!!!) in this pack, so you're good for this year and the next.

    10. Pair that with a suede jewelry organizer so you can display your beautiful new collection and don't have to sift through a messy drawer or pouch to pick a ring to go with your outfit.

    11. A set of iPhone cables that are six feet long, meaning you won't be restricted to one side of the bed just to get some juice in your device.

    12. A beautiful crystal-encrusted ring that'll give you the drip, without putting a dent in your wallet. This is a bestseller and reviewers love how sparkly and delicate it is. They say it looks exactly like it does in the photos!

    13. The actual book Shrek was based on: Shrek! by William Steig. It's an illustrated story of an ordinary ogre who ends up marrying the most "stunningly ugly" princess in the world. A true Shrek fan's gotta have it in their arsenal.

    14. A retinol serum by The Ordinary that's super gentle because it's mixed in with nourishing squalane oil. Reviewers say it has helped blur fine lines and fade blemishes, and their skin feels rejuvenated since they've begun using it.

    15. An old-school but naughty split heart keychain duo that you can share with your bestie, because with some people, a basic "bEsT FrIeNdS fOrEvEr" ornament just doesn't cut it.

    16. A pair of sexy and durable opaque tights that will keep you feeling super polished AND protected from cold temperatures. Talk about a win-win.

    17. A handheld electric frother that will give you the most luxurious homemade beverages ever. It makes any ordinary cappuccino taste and look like cafe quality, so you're definitely going to cut down on your Starbucks expenses.

    18. An adult colouring book full of photos of scornful, triggered animals that'll channel exactly how you're feeling about everything, ranging from climate change to the fact that a work week is FIVE DAYS LONG.

    19. A double-sided eyeliner pen that makes eyeliner application so much easier and faster, you'll be ready sooner than you expected! It lets you stamp on a wing with one end, and line your eye with the other. And what's sexier than feeling confident in your eyeliner skills?

    20. A set of four hilariously honest bamboo coasters that'll protect your tables AND get the message across to your guests with a fun lil' sprinkle of humour.

    21. An acrylic infinity scarf that's understated and perfectly weather-appropriate. Winter is here, and this cozy and cute scarf will promise you both warmth and style without any frumpiness.

    22. A Dunder Mifflin T-shirt, so you can always feel like a part of your favourite fictional paper company. It's a total conversation starter!

    23. Or a bunch of hilarious stickers you can stick on your laptop, phone, water bottle, room door, or wherever you please!

    24. A mushroom-shaped strainer that'll catch all the hair in your bathtub for easy removal, so you never have experience the gross feeling of showering in a pooling tub again. Plus, it could save you a big plumbing bill down the line.

    25. A pocketed shower curtain that doubles up as storage for all your shower needs, because not everything can fit on the corners of your tub.

    26. These colourful cotton socks featuring famous paintings that are perfect if you're a museum-frequenting art nerd who can't get enough of the classics.

    27. A versatile and stylish belt that's a must-have for anyone's wardrobe. It can be worn with trousers, skirts, and dresses, so you'll never regret picking it up. The buckle has a vintage look, and adds a nice gold accent without being gaudy.

    28. An angry little doll that'll steam up your microwave, softening all the bits of food stuck inside it and making them a breeze to clean.

    29. A tub of the super-popular Aztec Secret Indian healing clay mask that has literally THOUSANDS of five-star ratings. It works on all skin types, so you don’t have to worry about how it’ll affect yours.

    30. A snazzy neon light lamp that'll add a fun touch to work desk or bedroom. It's cordless, so you can put it in the living room when you throw a party to add a lil' ~ambiance~.

    31. A screaming goat lets out a series of of high-pitched bleats when you press on it. In 2020, we're letting a plastic goat do the much-needed screaming for us.

    32. A babydoll and panty set with adjustable straps and an open back that's sure to make your partner's eyes spring out of their head like they're in an old-school cartoon.

    33. A water-resistant Bluetooth shower speaker that'll make sudsy time a lot more entertaining. No more reaching out for your phone from the shower curtain to switch to the next song (which'll get drowned by the sound of the shower anyway). The volume on this is nice and loud, so you can start your mornings with a singalong.

    34. A set of magical makeup brushes that'll be the object of every muggle's envy! It makes for a perfect addition to the vanity of anyone who grew up loving Harry Potter and makeup. Most