Feminists Are Tweeting Stunning Selfies In Response To The #FeministsAreUgly Hashtag

The internet can be a phenomenal place.

1. When feminist @LilyBolourian tweeted her selfie with the satirical hashtag #FeministsAreUgly, she aimed to start a movement.

2. Soon @cheuya joined in, tweeting her selfie with the hashtag to help dispel all bored stereotypes about feminists being “humourless” and “ugly”.

3. A movement that urged that women needn’t conform to Western standards of beauty to be lovely.

4. And they briefly made Twitter a wonderful, beautiful, feminist place.

5. Look at this bandana-wearing threat to patriarchy.

6. Here’s a drop-dead gorgeous mocker of misogyny.

The #FeministsAreUgly tag started by misogynists has backfired coz now they have to look at all us ugly feminists :(

— Emily (@emilyxhaimeed)

7. This one feminist is fab even when she’s furious.

#FeministsAreUgly lol....alrightythennnn

— Young RiRi (@RikkiyahM)

8. And this feminist who doesn’t need long locks to be glorious.

"And if your no hair is some cancer sob story I don't want to hear it" oh? #feministsareugly

— ba(l)d bitch (@kasieveggies)

9. Look at these feminists, who can light up a room with their smiles.

#FeministsAreUgly ???????? I see no ugliness, only good genes and enlightenment

— Jules❁ (@thisisntjulia)

10. And this beauty who didn’t even get the memo.

#FeministsAreUgly oh really i didn't get the memo

— vicky johansson (@THEBLACKWlDOW)

11. This badass proves that the “no horizontal stripes” rule is bullshit.

boy you wish i was yo poundcake #FeministsAreUgly

— thotcouture (@MotiVeytion)

12. This one can be terrifyingly pretty.

we do look terrifying tbh #FeministsAreUgly

— Georgina. (@TzwDallas)

13. This feminist can makes head turn without effort.

Catch me faving every other gorg selfie on #FeministsAreUgly

— Amy Bottrill (@bottrill)

14. This one could easily be a supermodel.

#FeministsAreUgly lol swerve #supermodel

— lesbiprincess (@femmepizza)

15. And you can never be as chillaxed as this free-spirited feminist.

Apparently #FeministsAreUgly......

— JEN (@xojenjo)

16. We even saw some familiar feminists faces…

17. Like Emma Watson.

#FeministsAreUgly False

— connor mcqueen (@tomsmellsdank)

18. Queen Beyoncé.

#FeministsAreUgly is trending, and I'm just laughing bc

— Carrie C (@CarClow)

19. Scarlett Johansson.


— bio (@bbcssherlock)

20. And Rou Reynolds.

#FeministsAreUgly if a feminist is a person who supports the equality of the sexes then I'm one. And I'm hot as hell

— Rou Reynolds (@RouReynolds)

21. A summary of what we’ve learned today:

If #FeministsAreUgly then why am I so fucking cute? #mythBUSTED

— Lightning (@martha_jazz)


This post has been updated to include more information about the start of the movement.

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