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    17 Stylish And Practical Winter Boots You Can Get For Under $100 On Amazon Canada

    It's never been easier to look hot (and feel warm) for the winter.

    1. These snug and casual zippered ankle-highs that come with a block heel, because you don't have to only do flat boots in the snow. They're cushioned with memory foam and lined with synthetic fur for guaranteed comfort.

    2. Or these vegan leather alternatives that honestly go with any outfit, and keep you nice and warm with their insulated build.

    3. These fur-lined two-tone boots that not only stand out as a fashion statement, but also have a -124F insulation rating. Cozy!

    4. These sneaker style boots that are fuzzy on the inside, and have slip-resistant textured rubber soles so you can brave any surface, be it black ice or a hiking trail.

    5. These sleek vegan leather slip-on booties that are perfect for the outdoors AND the office. They may not look like they do, but they're fully lined with wool-blend "fur" on the inside.

    6. These best-selling anti-skid boots that take no time to put on, and are warm and water-resistant.

    7. These rugged boot-sneaker hybrids that’ll help you hike comfortably along the most uneven trails and the snowiest peaks.

    8. These heavy-duty mid-calf boots that will shelter you against the elements with their rubber exterior, textured soles, and protective interior. They’re 100% waterproof and can keep you warm even in -40 degree weather.

    9. These classic faux fur-lined mid-calf boots that are sturdy on the outside and toasty on the inside.

    10. These simple warm boots that don't come with any extra frills. They are available in many colours and a price point buyers love.

    11. These absolutely adorable combat style sweater top boots that will keep you cozy AND make a statement.

    12. These anti-slip monotone boots, that perform as greatly as they look. Buyers love that they're lightweight and cozy.

    13. These classy synthetic leather boots that are super soft (just look at all the fuzzy goodness inside)!

    14. These sleek slip-on sneakers that look like you could wear them in the summer, but are built to stand against the cold, rain, and slippery surfaces.

    15. These buckled and zippered knee-highs that are just too cute to miss. Buyers love how warm they are, and many want to order them again.

    16. These calf-length boots that are a pleasure to wear. Buyers describe them as warm, well-fitting, and cute.

    17. And lastly, these gorgeous buckle- and zipper-free boots that will go with anything, and ensure you walk on the snow warm and slip-safe.

    Enjoy a slip-free and swag-ful winter!