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18 Things Only Cousins Who Are BFFs Know To Be True

Family gatherings are made 10 times more bearable with you around. <3

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Having cousins to grow up with is like getting a "default BFF pack" to pick and choose from.

And if you're close to them, there's always that one cousin who should have really just been a sibling.

1. There's never any awkwardness because you're already aware of each other's weird habits.

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Which you discovered over years of bonding drowsily with each other, while the adults chatted in the lounge at late-night family gatherings.

2. You're immune to being yelled at by your parents in front of each other.

And it involves a lot of "LEARN SOMETHING FROM YOUR COUSIN" mainly because you both behave better in front of each other's moms than your own.

3. Bitching about the rest of the khandaan is all the more fun because you both already know the backstory.

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"UGHHH, chhoti mausi's kids are here."

4. And there is at least ONE character the both of you cannot stand at all, collectively.

5. At some point, you've texted each other in the middle of a family gathering. / Via

"This is boring. I have smokes – come to the terrace."

6. But most of the time, facial expressions are enough to convey your messages.

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7. You understand each other's family problems without having to explain, since you've known each other forever.

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"Can you please convince mom to let me–"

"I gotchu."

"Thanks." <3

8. But being related and BFFs doesn't mean you ever let go of any chance of picking on each other.

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9. ~However~, you have each other's back when someone else tries to do it.

If chhoti mausi's daughter talks shit again, LMK. We'll straighten her out.

10. Family weddings are made 10 times better because you have each other.

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Let's choose a table away from the aunties and close to wherever the hotties can easily be viewed.

11. Especially dance prep OMG.

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Fool around: 3.5 hours.

Actual prep: 15 minutes.

12. Of course being part of the family means both your parents trust you blindly.

13. Which means you can get away with the bad shit you do, as long as you are together.

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14. When you're not with the family, you're completely different.

Be ALL the haraam.

15. But no matter where you are, the silly inside jokes never escape you.

No one gets them.

16. Neither does re-enacting childhood memories.

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One of the things that are just weird to others.

17. Even if your parents are on "sour" terms, you know you're always going to be BFFs.

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18. Because you share a lot more than the same blood.

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