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    Updated on May 22, 2020. Posted on May 21, 2020

    24 Simple, But Effective Bedroom Upgrades For If It’s Starting To Look Kinda Boring In There

    We spend so much time in the bedroom, it deserves a little ~jushing up~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A hanging side shelf that'll replace your bulky side table. It's minimalistic and reminiscent of a cute garden swing, and it has enough space to house your daily-use items. Suspend it on the space above your headboard to add a cool decorative touch and save floor space.

    Uncommon Goods / Via

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $55.80.

    2. A smartphone vase that any plant parent will absolutely love on their bedside. You'll wake up right next to sweet-smelling flowers, plus you won't have to give your bed a pat-down to locate your phone.

    Uncommon Goods / Via

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $44.64.

    3. A nesting jewelry box that'll keep your favourite little accessories safe, without putting them all on display. It's an upgrade from a conventional drawer-style jewelry box and will look great on any vanity because of its neutral colour and uncomplicated aesthetic.

    Uncommon Goods / Via

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $47.43.

    4. A ramen pillowcase that looks good enough to eat. It'll give your bedspread a much-needed refresh with a touch of colour and cuteness. Besides, what's more comforting than the visual of a bowl of hot noodle soup?

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $9.50.

    5. A bedside caddy to hold all your essentials, so that your bed isn't littered with your tablet, phone, glasses, books, and charging cables. Don't feel bad about doing nearly everything in your bed these days — we're all doing the same. But we're just gonna try to keep it neat.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $36.

    6. A porcelain planter that has a cubist-inspired face on it in abstract vector art. I know it's a technically a planter, but I would use it to store my makeup brushes any day.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $25.

    7. A narrow rowboat wall shelf that will display your favourite possessions, without taking up too much space. Whether you want to show off your incense collection, skincare faves, or even the scallions you're regrowing in a mason jar, it'll look good on this pinewood shelf.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $110.

    8. An uber-cool cushion with a deconstructed portrait that's beautiful enough to be hung in an art gallery. I love how it stays colourful AND patterned, without getting gaudy, making it versatile enough for any bedroom interior.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $30.

    9. A cosmic ceramic banner that showcases lunar phases in the coolest way. It can go on vertically, too, so don't be afraid to put it in a nook that's too narrow for frames. The ceramic platelets are strung on rope and the wooden rings at the ends make hanging them a cinch.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $42.

    10. A floral Frida Kahlo comforter and pillow sham set, because a cute bed spread can be such a huge mood lifter. When you wake up in the morning and make your bed, it'll go from being a cozy duvet to a piece of art!

    Simon / Via

    Get it from Simons for $75+. Available in sizes twin-king.

    11. A Tarot-inspired print of The Priestess, a symbol of creative female energy, on a soft and trendy pink background. It’ll bring subtle, yet standout hues to your room, so it won’t overpower the decor if you’re not a fan of very bright pops of colour.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $40.

    12. Some globe string lights that'll imbue your room with a soft, warm glow. Put them on the borders of your window or around your headboard. I have some laced into my curtain rod and they're one of my favourite things in my room.

    Simons / Via

    They're battery-operated, so make sure you have two AA batteries on hand.

    Get them from Simons for $15.

    13. A triangle mirror trio that puts an edgy twist on hanging mirrors. They don't have keyholes in the back like traditional frames — instead, they use metal chains for suspension. These will not only add geometry to your walls, but also help your space look a little roomier. Yay for optical illusions!

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $49.

    14. A gorgeous woven rug that'll add a cool diamond pattern to your floor. It's made of raw cotton, and the fringed tassels on the borders will transport you to a dreamy desert vacation remotely.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $75.

    15. Or a braided jute rug, if you're all about that organic-chic vibe. It's made from authentic natural fibre and the concentric circular weaving keeps it simple, yet classic. It's also a breeze to clean — just wipe it with a damp towel!

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $75.

    16. A handmade nightlight that'll have a cute woodland critter watch over you while you snooze. It emits a comforting glow, so it won’t disturb your sleep, but will still light the room enough that you can get up and go to the bathroom without banging your shin into the bed frame.

    Simons / Via, Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $44. Available in owl and fox.

    17. A pair of new curtains, because curtains have the power to completely turn around the look of your room. These have a soft, velvety feel and reviewers say they're not only luxurious, but also help block light more than ordinary curtains.

    Simons / Via

    Get a panel from Simons for $45. Available in five colours.

    18. A reversible weighted blanket that actually feels like the warm embrace of a human. Reviewers say it made them sleep like a baby! Weighted blankets are believed to help with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

    Bed Bath and Beyond / Via, Gravity Blankets / Via

    It is recommended that you use a weighted blanket that's approximately 10% of your body weight for the best experience.

    Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $199.99+. Available in three colours and five weight ranges.

    19. An angular knit throw that takes the concept of eye-catching colour blocking and makes it a little more mature. The combination of dusty ochre, cement grey, and beige is gonna make even the blandest bed artsier.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $49.95 (originally $75).

    20. A hanging planter that'll bring nature and greenery into the bedroom. The macramé rope is woven with wooden beads and has almost handcrafted-looking detail. The best part is this uses up no virtually real estate in your room! Thank goodness for space-saving ceiling decor, eh?

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $18.

    21. Or decorate your room with some potted succulent candles, if you're not into plant parenthood (the responsibility really is enormous). They'll add garden-ready freshness to your space and also serve as functional candles! I would never burn them because they're too cute, but that's just me.

    Simons / Via

    Get one for $4.99 (originally $7.50).

    22. A wire metal basket you can use as both storage and decor. The grid pattern in conjunction with the dark solid wood base keeps things simple, without entering "basic" territory.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $25.

    23. A charming fringed stool that'll add seating to the room in the most space-conserving of ways. The pom-pom detail is cute as heck, and the stool is incredibly portable and lightweight, without compromising on durability. You really don't need a whole couch, trust me.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $60.

    24. And lastly, a Deep Sleep pillow spray, because a restful sleep is the BIGGEST bedroom upgrade. A few spritzes of this harness the soothing powers of botanicals that'll lull you into deep sleep, so you can wake up fresh and ready to take on the day.

    Sarah Rohoman/BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed writer Sarah Rohoman says, "I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression since my early twenties, which I've largely been able to manage in my everyday life through medication and therapy — but I continued to have a lot of anxiety around sleep, falling asleep, nightmares, insomnia, and waking up. I’ve tried different vitamins, supplements, and behaviour and routine changes, but the one thing that’s really helped me fall asleep more quickly and with less anxiety is this Deep Sleep pillow spray.

    I'm very much into aromatherapy, and I've found that by pairing the scent with my nighttime routine, it signalled to my brain that it was time to start winding down for the night."

    Read her full review here in a list of things we tried that helped us de-stress (it's #2 on the list)!

    Get it from Sephora Canada for $34.

    There. Bedroom boredom busted.

    Columbia Pictures

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