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    22 Stylish Pieces Of Jewelry You Can Get On Amazon Canada

    Keep it blingin'. ✨✨✨

    1. A set of stackable bracelets that'll add an edgy vibe to any outfit. They're made of woven leather, braided hemp cords, and wood beads, so they're a great pick if you're allergic to most metal jewelry.

    2. A stainless steel bone ring that is a small statement-making piece that'll bring out the spooky aesthetic you love. Imagine this with some black nail polish! ☠️🖤

    3. A pair of pearl studs that look like little kitties. They're a cool and minimalistic accessory that's also a subtle nod to your love for cats.

    4. A bestselling stackable ring set that'll fill your WHOLE LIFE'S quota of rings, and give a Rihanna-esque edge to your style. There are 84 rings (!!!) in this pack.

    5. A chic, open-ended metal snake necklace like this one can tie a whole look together. It's ultramodern and radiates attitude.

    6. Pair it with an adjustable silver snake bracelet and give the people a full modern-day Medusa look.

    7. A pack of large acrylic earrings with fascinating opalescent patterns that'll remind you of '80s high fashion. These will effortlessly add a cool edge to any casual outfit.

    8. An intricate platinum-plated silver bracelet that'll boost your shine with clusters of bold, Marquis-cut stones. It'll bring a royal touch to any formal dress.

    9. Some stainless steel cufflinks to take any formal buttoned shirt to the next level. These come in a set of five pairs, and there are five days in a work week, so you'll be micro-stylin' daily.

    10. A stainless steel bangle that'll keep you motivated, whether it's to study, exercise, or take care of your mental health. It's super sturdy and won't tarnish from being exposed to moisture, so you can wear it all the time.

    11. A pair of bar earrings that have a futuristic appeal, while still being minimalist. They're made of sterling silver, so they're perfect for sensitive ears.

    12. A dainty silver snowy peaks necklace for anyone who loves wintertime. It can be paired with formals or casuals, and it comes in a gift box, in case you want to pick one up for a friend, too!

    13. A pair of dangly "jhumka" earrings complete with intricate peacock detailing. They have a naturally tarnished finish to give them a rustic look.

    14. A minimalist sterling silver necklace with a tiny zirconia stone in the middle that will last you a lifetime without losing its brilliance. You can wear this elegant necklace all the time without it tarnishing.

    15. A set of delicate, long necklaces that'll make it seem like you put a lot of effort in your look, when really, you just slipped on a long necklace. The set contains six different designs. Variety galore!

    16. A vintage digital watch that’s not only classically fashionable, but also useful. It's a bestseller and has over 1,000 positive reviews!

    17. An eyeball ring, which is, quite frankly, giving me the creeps right now because of how detailed it is. It'll give you Halloween feelings all year 'round.

    18. A metallic rose elastic headband that'll tie any look together, and keep your ponytail or up-do in place. You can repurpose it as a necklace too!

    19. A beautiful crystal-encrusted ring that'll give you the drip, without putting a dent in your wallet. This is a bestseller and reviewers love how sparkly and delicate it is. They say it looks exactly like it does in the photos!

    20. A set of bestselling crystal hair pins that'll that’ll add a hint of romance to your bun or loose updo, while keeping your hair securely in place. These are perfect for formal events, and can take your look from meh to 💯 real quick.

    21. A set of beaded bracelets you can wear together or share with your partner or best friend to signify how you complete each other.

    22. And lastly, a set of gold, cubic zirconia ear studs in different sizes that are bound to complement literally any outfit. You'll always have some subtle bling to throw on.

    You with your new bling:

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