Meet The Pakistani-American Artist Taking A Stand To Normalise Body Hair

    "We don't have to conform," says Ayqa, 20.

    Meet Ayqa Khan, a first-generation Pakistan-American artist taking a stand against societal pressure for women to remove body hair.

    Khan is 20 years old and based in New York. She's a self-taught digital illustrator and photographer who has recently started to "conceptualise and create bodies of work centred around themes and narratives of the first-generation South Asian community."

    She puts up her work on her Tumblr page and has done a series of illustrations on women's body hair.

    But she wasn't always as comfortable with her body hair as she is now.

    Khan says that although she's actively drawing body hair, her intentions are to normalise it.

    "Some people often criticise the hair on the bodies I draw, claiming it's 'gross,' but these comments are not often at all," she said.

    The messages of encouragement as a response to her drawings and photos are from women who can relate and who applaud her bravery.

    "We don't have to conform to any ideologies of identity," said Khan.

    To see more of Ayqa Khan's work, follow her on Tumblr here.